Are You An Approval Whore Like Me?

Posted by Kate on Oct 1, 2013 in General | 0 comments

A few days ago I bought myself an iPad. I didn’t really need it, but I wanted it. I have a new laptop and an iPhone but for some reason I HAD to have an iPad. I’m not super materialistic in general, but this year I have been. I felt I had missed out. I noticed the last few days this huge need to phone my mother to tell her; to talk iPads. To talk some meaningless general conversation, when I know how to work them because I have an iPhone. But really I was wanting her approval. Her permission. I resisted. And I was exhausted from the inner...

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One Reason Why You May Have Been Born An Empath

Posted by Kate on Aug 18, 2013 in Healing | 2 comments

I recently have had two profound healings. The first was a few weeks ago, it was a past life regression with Jay Linden. I have had a few of them now but this regression I went into a perpetrator lifetime. Past Lives Often when we clear perpetrator lifetimes we can have profound shifts and awareness’s of our soul lessons. When the past lifetimes come into your dreams or into your consciousness they are ready to be cleared and released. Perpetrator Life In that lifetime I was a Priest who ended up being damned if I do and damned if I...

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How Your Chakras Influence Your Glands To Align You With Your True Purpose

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I have been doing some research lately into the chakra system and the glands that correspond to the relating energy centres. I always felt like chakras were way down the scale of interest for me, sort of basic and we all know about them, like Energy 101. In the arena of fields that I have studied, I overlooked their importance, especially in healing. Sure you can heal without knowing what chakras are involved, but it’s more empowering to know about them and to use that knowledge in an intentional way. Throat Chakra and Thyroid I have been...

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Are You Staying Small or Invisible to be Safe?

Posted by Kate on Jun 15, 2013 in Soul | 3 comments

It’s Hard I’m writing a course at the moment and it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill. There are times I get some traction and I’m doing well but it wasn’t flowing like writing articles flows for me. I figured I had bitten off more than I could chew. I also notice that every step of the way I am encountering blockages to heal in myself. Past Lives I’m working through two past lives in my dreams at the moment. The first life I saw a Hasidic Jew, with the curls. That was all. That image has been healing so much for me. The...

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Mediumship – Guest Post by Kerry-Marie Callander

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I often get asked to do Mediumship Readings, but they aren’t my forte. My go to person is Kerry-Marie Callander who is an awesome Medium. I asked her to write an article for my website. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This week I was asked by Auckland University of Technology to come in to assist some of their students who were putting together a T.V documentary on the paranormal and they wanted a medium to come in to be interviewed. The whole experience was fun and exciting and I would love to do...

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Do You Hide Your Light to Avoid the Dark?

Posted by Kate on Jun 8, 2013 in General | 1 comment

Kindness I used to be kind to everyone. It’s in my nature to be kind, I’ve also been massively co-dependent. It was easier to be kind than say no, I got to avoid a confrontation. After years of being in relationships where my kindness was mistaken for weakness, and I let it, I went through quite a shocking heartache, and so it was easier to numb out and not feel my heart than deal with the pain. I was never ever going to open myself to bad treatment again, I did not want anymore narcissists in my life, or people who took advantage of my...

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Is Attack the Best Form of Defence?

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I am getting down to healing some core issues, and one of the issues that I’ve had running in a huge way in my life is that simmering below the surface is always a feeling of having to be at the ready in case I’m attacked. Psychic As a psychic I get attacked for what I do periodically. Some of those attacks are vicious. When I first started doing psychic readings I was attacked so bad that I stopped doing readings for 2 years. I thought I was incompetent and useless, because that person must have been right in what she said. I try to be...

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Are You Deeply In Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back?

Posted by Kate on May 26, 2013 in Relationships | 0 comments

One of the top questions I get asked as an Intuitive is from women in relationships with men who don’t love them back, or don’t treat them well. I get this question from men too. Deep down they know they deserve better treatment, or a reciprocal level of interest, but the Soul destroying part for them is they can’t understand why they can feel soooooo in love and he doesn’t feel the same way back. The love you feel is heavenly and surely this man must be your Soulmate, all your ducks are lined up and your heart says, he’s the...

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Healing Trauma – Are You Frozen In Time?

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One of the best audio cd’s I’ve heard on trauma and how it’s stored in the body is by Peter Levine. Hes a leading expert in understanding and treating trauma. It can be found at these sites – Book Depository- Healing Trauma and at Amazon- Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body Mammals As mammals our natural response to anything traumatic is fight, flight or freeze. As humans we judge ourselves for freezing, but in nature it’s actually a survival mechanism, as it means the predator may think an...

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Are You Listening To Your Inner Authority?

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5 Elements I am doing a training this year about 5 Elements and Meta-Health. I have learned so much on the first call with Susanne Billander and Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum which looks at the 5 elements in Chinese Philosophy coupled with Meta Health. Water The first training we learned about the element of Water. This is related to the Kidneys, Bladder and Adrenals, the emotion of fear, the season is winter, and the sense is hearing. The kidneys store the memories of our ancestors. How we react to a situation in our life is hugely influenced by how...

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