Coming Out As A Psychic – Owning My Spiritual Power

Posted by Kate on Nov 28, 2010 in Healing, Intuitive, Soul | 2 comments

It sounds ironic that I would write about coming out as a psychic, when in fact I have done thousands of psychic readings and healings. But it’s true. I’m coming out as a psychic. I’m working through the issues that are raising their head from doing a cord cutting session between me and my father. And a big part of that is owning my power in the world. It was all very safe going along to Goddess groups in the 90s when it was only women attending, but I live predominantly in a male household and what still feels to me like a male world,...

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A Melting Pot Of Setting Boundaries, The Need To Please, Seeking Approval, Social Anxiety

Posted by Kate on Nov 23, 2010 in Healing, Relationships | 0 comments

Lately I have had a huge learning curve with setting boundaries. I have new people in my house (I rent rooms) and this lot of guys certainly have forced me to strengthen my boundaries. After all people just do what they do, it’s up to me to work out who and what behaviour I want to be around and where to draw the line. Because of my past I never really knew where to draw the line. A controlling father, controlling exes, having kids, pets, often it doesn’t matter how you feel you still have to override your boundaries when you don’t feel...

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Why You Don’t Believe Someone When They Say They Love You?

Posted by Kate on Nov 4, 2010 in Relationships | 0 comments

Have you ever been in a relationship where someone tells you they love you and even though you hear the words, you just don’t believe them? Whether it is because you just don’t trust that the person is telling the truth, they have another agenda, or because no one deep down could possibly love you if they knew who you really were. So you dismiss it. You reject it. You don’t take the words in. You don’t believe them. Approval seeking is something we did from an early age to win our parents love. We notice that when we please them they...

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When Taking A Spiritual Approach To Life Can Be Detrimental In Moving Forward

Posted by Kate on Nov 3, 2010 in General, Relationships | 0 comments

Having a spiritual view in life is always beneficial to the way you adjust to the ups and downs in life, but when it’s the only way you see life then it can cause emotional and mental discomfort longer than it should. That might sound ironic because often times people have epiphanies and light bulb moments by adding the spiritual dimension to a problem. And seeking spiritual comfort can be the difference between life and death, or emptiness and fulfilment. As someone who is very comfortable in the spiritual realms, I have come to realise...

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How Cutting Cords Of Attachment Affects Your Day To Day Life

Posted by Kate on Nov 3, 2010 in Healing, Relationships | 2 comments

Cord Cutting is spiritual healing that deals with the negative patterns between you and another person. That person doesn’t have to be someone you have major issues with; it may be someone currently in your life who you love dearly. Or it may be someone who has died. Our relationships aren’t all good or all bad. It may be someone you haven’t seen in decades. But if you had a relationship then that connection still remains at an energy level. And a cord of attachment is still present unless you have had it cut by a skilled...

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How To Love When You Think You Can Never Love Again

Posted by Kate on Oct 30, 2010 in Relationships | 3 comments

Are you trying to get over someone you loved and lost? Perhaps they moved on, or died, or weren’t able to love you back? You may be feeling that love is just too painful to give it another go. It’s too complicated and messy and you always end up getting hurt no matter how much you loved. Something to keep in mind as you barricade your heart up so you don’t ever have to go through that torture again - “Love is never found from a source outside of you.” Everything you feel comes from inside of you. You might protest and say you most...

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Why Women Find It Hard To Kick Those Jerks To The Kerb

Posted by Kate on Oct 29, 2010 in Relationships | 0 comments

So you’re with a guy, he’s a bit of a “bad boy”, but that’s ok, you don’t want to be living with Mr Boring and Predictable. You are totally into being in a relationship where you accept the other person for all their strengths and weaknesses, after all, isn’t that how you would want to be treated? For some of the time he does his thing and you do yours. You like to be independent and you don’t necessarily want your guy thinking that all you want to do is hang around him all the time as if he’s the most important person in the...

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Following Your Intuition – Taking The Next Step When You Can’t See Where You’re Going

Posted by Kate on Oct 17, 2010 in Intuitive | 3 comments

At the moment I am doing a lot of paid article writing. I’m writing about computer equipment, leather corsets, freshwater fish, predicaments cats get into and different breeds of dogs, to name but a few. LOL Totally a mixed bag. I always like to be doing other things to provide an income because I’m always cautious about burning out as a psychic, as I do this fulltime. As a lot of you know I live in Christchurch and we have had nearly 2000 earthquakes in the last 6 weeks after the original 7.1 earthquake. It was really hard to do readings...

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Kate Strong Exposed and Vulnerable

Posted by Kate on Oct 11, 2010 in General | 8 comments

(I wrote this article, had it up here for half a day, freaked out that people would think I was a train wreck and wonder what the heck I could possibly contribute so I took it down. I discussed it with a friend and realised that perhaps my intention wasn’t clear in telling you what I’ve been through in my life. My intention is to show you that what I’ve been through has contributed to my understanding about life and brought me to where I am today. I hope what I share shows you that I’m a real person and hardly going to judge you for...

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Cutting Cords of Attachment

Posted by Kate on Oct 10, 2010 in Healing, Relationships | 0 comments

What is a cord of attachment? A cord of attachment is a energetic connection to someone else in the form of a cord attached on the etheric level. It causes patterns from the past to continue on repeating in the present. The energy flows back and forth between you and this other person in an unhealthy way. You are connected by a cord with everyone you have a relationship with, however small. Will my relationship end if I cut a cord of attachment? No it doesn’t mean it will end, it will just release you from the patterns that are energetically...

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