Following Your Intuition – Taking The Next Step When You Can’t See Where You’re Going

At the moment I am doing a lot of paid article writing. I’m writing about computer equipment, leather corsets, freshwater fish, predicaments cats get into and different breeds of dogs, to name but a few. LOL Totally a mixed bag.


I always like to be doing other things to provide an income because I’m always cautious about burning out as a psychic, as I do this fulltime.


As a lot of you know I live in Christchurch and we have had nearly 2000 earthquakes in the last 6 weeks after the original 7.1 earthquake. It was really hard to do readings when it felt like my aura was being assaulted by the weirdest energy I’ve ever felt. It was like everything felt wonky.


During this time it got me to think about other forms of income. This year I have done a lot more writing because I market my sites with articles. And I’ve really enjoyed it. I always like to write from my heart so this is a new experience writing about topics I don’t know a lot or anything about, but still having a love of the process of writing. I didn’t want to get into feeling like I was a machine churning them out, but it’s not the case.


It got me to thinking about why I am working at writing articles when it pays nowhere near as much as what I earn doing readings. But something is pulling me in that direction as well.


It reminded me of something Andrea Hess often says. She says that when you follow your intuition it’s not an all seeing and all knowing vast gaze into the future, it’s like a car driving at night with its headlights on, you can only see as far as the range of the light beam. So travel as far as you can see, and then you see a bit further into the distance and so on.


All I know is that I am meant to be writing articles for some reason, I don’t know why but I’m sure time will tell. It’s different to other things I’ve done which have been not so much a love of something but a fear of not having enough money.


Of course readings and healings will always be my passion but the writing path is leading me somewhere and I can’t quite fully see where I’m going.


Are you being lead where you can’t quite see where you’re going?