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Are You Ready To Learn How To Transform Your Emotions Using Essential Oils?


In This Video Class You Will Learn:

~  The science behind emotion and essential oils 

Tools and habits for healthy body chemistry 

~  Why essential oils are an incredibly effective emotional regulation tool 

~  Practical wellness steps you can take right NOW using essential oils for  emotions

~  Find out about the theory behind an Essential Emotions Session

~ Lean more about the gentle process of transforming emotions using essential oils

~ Breakthrough those blocks

~ Get to know a bit more about Kate and decide if you want to take this oil journey with her


About This MasterClass

I know you are busy and I won’t take up much of your time, put the video on 1.25 speed and zoom through watching it. I’ll get to the point so you can learn about this powerful yet gentle process to transform your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical areas of life using the healing power of mother nature. 

You won’t be disappointed!

Testimonials From People Who Have Had An Essential Emotions Session With Kate

I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation. We did a Breakthrough session and I just loved it. The space you held, the prompting of just the right questions to allow me to work with and through the oil and emotion. It was so powerful! I felt an immediate shift in perspective. I felt lighter and could see a bright way forward in what we worked on together.

We know how amazing the oils are, but using them in this way just took it to the next level. As a doTERA Diamond, I thought I knew how this would go, ha ha and I was pleasantly surprised. These little bottles pack some serious power, with infinite ways to be used.

I just wanted to take the time to say a big heartfelt thank you. Thank you for guiding me through a powerful breakthrough using the oils. And thank you for holding space in just the most perfect way. You’re beautiful, loving, safe energy felt so nurturing, the perfect space to heal.

Looking forward to working together again soon
So much love and gratitude
Zamoura xx, USA


I went into the Essential Emotions sessions with an open mind but really not expecting much, other than to help out my sister , who needed a case study for her certification.
For the 4 weeks in which I had sessions, each week I had major breakthroughs, both in personal, family and work life. The only things different in my life was doing these sessions and it so opened my eyes to the healing powers of oils on many levels. Quite incredible really!
I highly recommend this session with Kate, and let the oils do their magic! I know I will be back for more 🙂
Lynn, NZ.

About Kate Strong

Kate is passionate about personal growth and exploring her inner life to the full. In her quest to heal her own pain she has discovered so much along the way. And she always like to share what she’s learned.

In 2016 she signed up to DoTerra which was perfect timing because only a matter of 2 months later she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The essential oils were paramount in speeding up her recovery process.

Kate mainly used essential oils for her emotions, and it wasn’t until she became certified as an Essential Emotions Coach that her journey with the oils fell into place.

Her life took a positive turn for the better and rather than feeling like she was just treading water trying to stay afloat in life, she started to thrive and overcome obstacle after obstacle.

Kate calls essential oils ‘God In A Bottle.’ 

All healing is Spiritual healing, whether it be spiritual, emotional or physical. Once the blocked energy is resolved, we can evolve.

Kate is a certified in many healing modalities and has been working as a full time healer for 15 years online.

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