Cord Cutting by email

A Cord of Attachment is an etheric cord that connects you to another person. This cord runs patterns that affects your availability of choices. These cords are detrimental and Cord Cutting removes them. Your relationships will improve as well as your emotional life.


Reasons people want a cord cutting session:


  • You’re feeling anxious and there’s urgency, discomfort and tension in the relationship. So there’s a desire to want this gone
  • You want to feel as if your relationship doesnt impact you anymore, you don’t want to feel unsettled, or anxious, you want to feel a sense of ease, and the tension is released thats between you
  • This session can be used for either the end of a relationship, or to clean up the energy in a current ongoing relationship


After a session you may find:


  • A neutrality about the relationship
  • There can be new growth comes into the relationship, if it’s a current relationship
  • Things that bothered you before, don’t bother you anymore
  • If this is a past relationship you feel that you have moved on
  • If this is a relationship from your childhood that may have contributed to core energetic patterns, you feel as if those beliefs aren’t controlling you anymore


Here are the relationships I recommend you cut with in a cord-cutting session:


  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Spouses
  • Sexual partners
  • Friends
  • Childhood friends
  • Teachers
  • Childhood teachers
  • Spiritual teachers, healers or therapists
  • Employers, employees, co-workers or clients


Please read Cutting Cords of Attachment for more details on what is involved in a session and before you have a session with me.


Click here for some more articles on my blog about Cord Cutting. This session is done via email only.


1 Cord Cutting Session via email US$220

1 Cord Cutting Session via email  – Installments – $110 x 2 WEEKLY payments

1 Cord Cutting Session via email  – Installments – $110 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“I have had two readings and two cord cutting sessions with Kate. Kate is spot on with her insights and compassionate in her manner. In my eyes, Kate is something of a rarity among psychics, she’s not only accurate and compassionate but she’s very down to earth and non-judgmental.I have seen that not all psychics and healers are grounded or realistic enough to help clients with a full array of issues – both human and spiritual. Some are so absorbed in their spiritual world that the advice and healing doesn’t go beyond that realm. Kate is not like that, she is someone who has her feet on the ground and has a whole life full of experience. I highly recommend her if you need clarity or healing in your relationships. ”

Thank you for the cord cutting and healing. I’m slowly getting my mojo back. I’m more upbeat and alive and saying to myself “Hey I like you, you’re fun!” My throat feels better too and less dense. I slept well and my clothes fit better too…. Hadn’t felt happier in years! thank you again. I’m also working on changing negative patterns and keeping things in perspective…..and not let fear…. creep in .
I conducted a meeting on Thursday and was able to hold my own…..Yipee!”Rachel, NZ.

I have had several cord cutting sessions with Kate, with each of them being highly accurate. Kate is an extremely skilled psychic with a lot of heart. I find her upbeat, practical and down to earth manner both inspiring and motivating. In her readings, she is precise, to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush. Such character traits are valuable to any individual looking for a reading or psychic healing. Overall, I highly recommend Kate’s services and hope to use them again some time in the future. God bless you, Kate. You are an asset to trainee and professional psychics alike!
Annelien Kiara Kortleven,UK


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