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Here are some tips that I have learned along the way that have helped me get to the point where I just don’t question my psychic ability anymore. Believe me it wasn’t always the case.



It may sound really boring and simple but so many people want to be psychics, they don’t want to do the work to be a working psychic. If it means that you offer free readings to strangers, do it. You have to risk that you will get it wrong. We all have to go through that stage of fearing we can’t do it. But it’s a process and you have to get through this stage. I found practicing on other people is way more rewarding as far as trust goes in the long run than just reading for yourself. So step out of your comfort zone and read for others. You don’t have to do readings in person, you can do them on skype, on the internet in email. Play around with what feels right.



Easy to say, harder to do. You have to trust what you get. It may seem that nothing comes through for you, but I bet there was. It may have been as quick as a flash. An image, a feeling, just a knowing about that person, a sound, words in your ear. A lot of people want to see only visuals and for it to be clear and easy to understand. But trust the impressions you get. It may be that the person you are reading for doesn’t understand what you are saying, or can’t validate it. Don’t be put off by that. People often remember things after the reading. I have done readings where nothing came through and I realised that the “nothing” was really important to talk about. The message was about “nothing”. Don’t be scared of being wrong. You are learning, by practicing and trusting you will start to see how you get your messages. I ask for people’s birthdates as it gives me something to tune into. You may not need that, you could use their name or the sound of their voice.



Don’t get hung up on where your messages come from. Needing to know if it’s your higher self, your spirit guides, if it’s an astral entity you’re connecting with. If you protect yourself before the reading then thing should be OK. If you think that if you ask your spirit guide, then the guide asks the other persons guide, then the guide talks to you, you will get hung up on the process, rather than just tuning into your senses and seeing what you get.



Ask for the information to come to you, don’t reach and strain for it. If the person isn’t in front of you that you are reading for, imagine that they are and you are receiving information so easily, you are not having to reach your energy field out to get it. That can feel draining.



Don’t spend all day everyday being in some kind of spiritual mode. Open up to receive then close yourself down after. You want to stay grounded and in this world when you aren’t doing readings. Don’t do reading after reading, you will burn out if you aren’t having enough down time. Do other things to ground yourself as well in your day. Like walking or sitting outside in nature, or even housework. Get your head out of thinking about spiritual things all day.



If you feel stuck and you’re not getting anything, just make it up. Just let the trying go, and play with it. Your psychic/intuition side is the same part of the brain as your creative side. I’ve never known anyone to be wrong by making it up. It will loosen you up and let the info flow.



Do some kind of daily practice where you clear you own energy field. You may want to try a few things out and see what fits for you. I like to say a prayer before each reading and after that clears my energy. I say a prayer at the end of the day that clears out my day. And periodically I clear my home of astral entities and also sage it. Find what works for you, it may be a visualisation, it might be you like to use crystals. Or it may be that you go and see another healer for an aura cleanse.



Keep learning. Keep reading and doing courses. Learn from your own life. Learn psychology 101. Learn about relationships. Over time you may find your niche. You may notice you just seem to flow with say relationship readings or career readings. Even though you get psychic messages to give to people, often people want to chat as well and it would be helpful if you had some knowledge about “life”. Perhaps you have found a philosophy that works for you, so you can interweave that. I realise clients aren’t coming for advice or counselling but it helps your readings to flow. You are there to offer people messages but you are also a human being as well. People are drawn to you for a reason and it may be that you know something about “life” that they want to hear.



Be mindful that when a client comes to you they aren’t wanting to hear all about your life, they want to hear about theirs. You can give examples from your life but try to see this as a one sided chat. If you feel you can’t leave yourself out of the picture then you need to find someone to listen to you. You can ask them questions but don’t go fishing for info so that it makes you feel relieved that you have something to fall back on to talk about. You want to do as much of a cold reading as you can. That’s where you don’t know anything about the person.



It takes time to hone your skills. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So be patient with yourself. The calmer and more focused you are, the clearer your messages will be. So take time in your day to centre yourself in some way. Don’t go rushing into a reading after you’ve been doing something else. I always like to leave fifteen minutes before a reading to sort myself out and breathe and quieten myself. I clear my energy and say my opening prayers. When I was learning I took half an hour before a reading to do this. By doing this you also look professional.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • Debie

    Thanks for that, I love reading your blog, it helps me to keep going on my journey and believing in what i get when I do readings. Thanks for writing such great and heartfelt stuff that’s so easy to relate to 🙂

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