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20 Facts about Ghosts and Spirits Through The Ages

1..The ancient Egyptians and Romans believed that ghosts were the souls of people who had not received the proper burial rites.


2..In ancient Greece, ghosts were called “Eidola.”


3..The ancient Hebrews believed that when a person died, their spirit would hover over their body for a few days until it was either sent to heaven or cast into the fiery pits of hell.


4..A spirit is a supernatural entity that is believed to come back and haunt a person, place, or thing.


5..A ghost is the spirit of a deceased person or animal.


6..Many people believe that ghosts are the souls of people who have come back to the earth to warn others of their deaths or to help them in some way.


7..Some people believe that ghosts are the spirits of people who have been wronged during their lives and come back to haunt those who have wronged them.


8..NEVER mention the words “Ghost” or “Spirit” in a sentence around a ghost.


9..Ghosts can be any age, including infant.


10.A ghost can be male or female.


11.Ghosts can linger on earth for decades or centuries after their death.


12.A ghost can be a human or animal spirit.


13.Ghosts are typically seen as things to avoid, but some believe you can attract good luck by inviting them into your home.


14.Ghosts are not always evil.


15.During the 17th century, most people believed in ghosts.


16.There are no ghosts in the Bible.


17.A popular theory is that ghosts are the souls of people who have died and are unable to move on from Earth to the afterlife.


18.If you want to see a ghost, you should go to a graveyard at night and call out their name four times, and they will be forced to appear before you.


19.It is believed that ghosts are always a white color in color where as spirits have many colors.


20.Spirits are usually benign, whereas ghosts can be either benevolent or malevolent.

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