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Are You A Twin And Don’t Know It?

Just recently I have come across a phenomenon known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome. When I read about it I had that frisson of familiarity run through me, and as I read further on it was eerie that I had just about all the symptoms.



Statistics say that one in every eighty births are twins. But one in every eight pregnancies starts out as twins. For some biological reason that embryo wasn’t viable and able to go to term, so it was then absorbed by the mother, the placenta, or the surviving twin.


From a biological perspective there are many reasons that this termination happens.


  • The mother smoked
  • The mother went through a trauma
  • The sperm or the egg weren’t perfect
  • There weren’t enough nutrients getting to the embryo


Early detection has been possible since the invention of the ultrasound, but if you were born before the 70s chances are a mother wasn’t told if there was extra fetal material at the birth as they kept that kind of information from her.


Emotional Imprint

This mainly interested me from an energy perspective. I could tick off most of the effects of being a surviving twin.


They are:

  • Control issues – perhaps not being able to control what happened inutero
  • Survivor guilt – feeling guilty for not only surviving but taking all the nutrients from the twin
  • Don’t like competition – Only wanting to compete with oneselves. Losing means death
  • Sabotage relationships – Feel as if they might cause someone to die
  • Often the healers or care givers of the world
  • Feeling abandoned, sad, sense of loss, or alone
  • Right and left sides are disconnected
  • Eating disorders
  • Feeling as if something or someone is missing.
  • Always searching
  • Feels a kinship with twins
  • Feels a sense of responsibility, as if everything is their fault or burden
  • Has issues with God
  • Likes two of things
  • Likes mirrors or fears mirrors
  • Can’t grow up and leave their twin behind – So may often feel dependent
  • Bonding or attachment feels unsafe, and creates fear of responsibility
  • Wishing they were a twin


Root Cause

A big trigger for me in my life was the abortion I had. Even though it was a trauma in itself I knew that it might bring up issues from my own birth. I felt it wasn’t a core issue, but part of a pattern.


All my life I had a background hum of sadness. I had thought it might have related to my father’s mother dying when I was inutero, but now I see the vanishing twin preceded that. I’ve always felt someone was missing and I was grieving them.


I have been searching all my life too. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a relentless researcher. It would drive me nuts sometimes, but I felt I had to keep on, knowing I had to find something, but I wasn’t sure what it was.


I felt an instant easing up on this when I realised about this syndrome. I do enjoy researching so perhaps now I won’t feel so driven about it.



Other patterns of twins in my life were that the biggest love of my teenage years was a guy who was a twin. And then I went on to have two Gemini sons, the second one due on the first ones birthday.


The vanishing twin energy has to be cleared from your energy field, and in doing so a new way of seeing the world will emerge. It’s been observed that by clearing this energy it can even affect you at a dna level.


Do you think you had a Vanishing Twin?

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  • Audrey

    Hi Kate, Thanks for this article….it this is really interesting – I must share with you, my reiki master revealed to me a few years ago – that I had a twin….Before learning of this when I was younger I always wished I had a sister – somehow I think my soul remembers. ..

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