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Can You Let The Healing Power Of Love In?

This past week I have had two profound healings that have really affected my heart’s ability to allow the Divine Grace of healing in. Love is another word for the Divine.


We all have mental constructs about where that Divine healing energy comes from, and all too often we see the Divine as an old man sitting on a cloud, judging us usually. Or we see the Divine as only being inside of us, so nothing from the outside will affect us.


So it’s very hard to open up and surrender and allow in what our mind thinks God is, if we have these unsafe perceptions.



The first healing came with the use of colour.


What if the Divine was a colour, what colour would it be?


For me this week it was Pink. Soft baby pink. I could allow my whole being to open up and allow that pink in. It may sound simple but that opening up and surrendering is a huge part of  healing, that process is the magic of transformation.


You may find you can create the same effect by looking at your pet, or your child, or something that allows you to feel unconditional love. Softening and opening of the heart is the first step.


Fear of Surrender

For a lot of people who have been hurt or abused, opening up and surrendering and allowing something in is so very scary, but if you can change that image of what you are letting in to something that is so comforting and safe, then you’ve taken the first step.


It may be a journey getting to this point, not an event.


You can learn more about Colour on Sharon King’s website, click here to link to a great webinar course I took of hers.



The second experience I had this week of letting the healing power of love in, was when taking a Sufi course with Dr Ibrahim Jaffe.  He did an exercise with us and I realised that for me spacially where I placed the Divine, where I saw the Divine, how I saw the Divine, was all factors in how I opened up.


Before I had seen the Divine as coming in through the top of my head through the crown chakra and down to my heart, and if I wanted to surrender then it felt as if I was doing some kind of mental gymnastics inside of me. It also kept the energy in my head, in those upper chakras.


Spacial Awareness

What he got us to do was to put whatever our issue was, out in front of us, on a rug, to see it there, to set our intention to have God heal it for us, and then to imagine this wonderful glorious light shining onto this issue, or see Angels surrounding this issue. There was a bit more to it than that, but that was the essence.


Usually I feel things first, but this time I saw the light, not so much from my third eye but from my heart. Perhaps before now I wasn’t ready to release control and put my issue outside of me, but I think because I could allow the energy of colour in, I saw and felt the powerful healing presence wash over my issue and shine all the way to where I was witnessing it.



A lot of techniques use this special dynamic where you put something outside you, in front of you, perhaps a movie screen, and you watch it transform with whatever technique you are using.


Witnessing of this transformation is part of the healing as well.


What Relationship Do You Have With Surrendering And Allowing Love In?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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