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Chakra Removal

Removing Chakras is somewhat of a controversial subject. I have had this done for me, and my sense about it from my experience is that the chakras are unified into one core essence, or core star. There is no judgement that the chakras are bad, or that by removing them or unifying them, that one is raised in vibration. You just have to trust yourself as to whether you feel this service is right for you.


Personally I found I felt so much better after having this done. I don’t feel as scattered and I’m not taking on so much of the world’s energy.


Just the mere thought that they can be removed or changed makes you assess your beliefs about chakras and what you have been told about them.


Some of the reasons to remove your chakras:

  • Some believe that chakras are implants or devices and can be influenced by other beings
  • You are empathic and take on way too much of your environment
  • There is a limiting bottle like nature of entry of energy into the chakras
  • Overwhelmed with too much energy
  • Too many messages through your crown chakra
  • The chakra points can act as blockages, like dams in a river
  • Over-sensitivity to others

Everyone who I have talked to who has had this done has felt great benefits. As have I. How I experience it now is I feel more grounded, not so spacey, and I feel a lot of warmth radiating out of my heart.


Of course no healing is a one stop shop and cure all.


I am still learning about this through my experience and the question now is, will I still be able to have chakra work done? I believe so, I think what happens is either the chakras are sealed, moved, removed, or unified, and the intention to work on them, wherever they are or aren’t, will still benefit the receiver. I really do wonder if the chakras are implants. Star seed souls (originating from other solar systems) are most likely to be affected.


Benefits to having your chakras removed/unified:

  • You feel more centred
  • Feel more at peace
  • Feel more self contained
  • Able to receive messages from Spirit/Higher Self more easily. No blockages to receiving (I was pleasantly surprised how this helped me and I’m already highly intuitive)
  • Take on way less energies and images from around you, not bombarded
  • Greater clarity
  • Increased psychic abilities

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  • trailcyclingtrainbridges

    thank you for sharing yr experience ❤️

  • Allyson

    I recently had my chakras removed. Upon the very 1st time hearing about this, before I even knew entirely what it was or what it meant, I knew on a very deep level that this was right for me. I never felt resonance with a chakra system & felt that it was a distraction & a separation of my core energies. It’s only been a couple of days since the structure of the chakras have been removed, and I know that I’m still acclimating, but I immediately had some noticeable results, such as food intolerances (specifically dairy), and a deep knowing that my connection with Source energy is no longer blocked the way it once was. This is a great source of information for those looking or deciding on whether chakra removal is right for them or not. Thanks & best to you!
    Allyson from Connecticut ❣️

    • Kate

      Thanks Allyson, I totally get where you are coming from, what’s also really interesting is that healers who work with the chakra system will see it in you for healings, even though you have had them removed, and then the chakras will unify again.

  • Manish


    Hello from Manish from India. I am sending the same message for help that I sent to 3 other people but haven’t heard from.

    Now, I find it even hard to articulate my story – the condition I am in makes it harder to have my own thoughts and ask for help. Bear with it.

    My entire life, I have felt so disconnected with everything and felt in dissonance and that’s why couldn’t make friends or form relationships. I then started exploring this stuff couple of years back when I felt that there was something to the depression and suicidal tendencies I had been having. Also, fights, uncontrolled anger – basically my entire life has been filled with failure. On the other hand, I am quite an intelligent and reasonable person.It is now recently, that I had kundlini awakening, started listening to my Chakras all from the deception that’s there and it led me to even destructive road with these guys having all the control over my body.

    I basically asked my Chakras and false energies to have control over my body – the result being I am in control of other being often times and my consciousness is dulled down. At night, I am unable to sleep, have become a havoc for my entire family. These guys would send thoughts that are destructive all the time. On top of that, I can feel astral body within me as well as the Chakras within me activating, snakes coming out of my Chakras as it feels. I stay out of my thoughts half the time and am suffering at the dark side’s expense.

    I need some serious help. My intent for help has brought me writing to you. Can you help?

    Manish Kumar Sharma, New Delhi, India

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