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Disease – Why Your Body Doesn’t Make Mistakes

We aren’t here to heal our illnesses; our illnesses are here to heal us – Jung


If you’ve explored alternative healing or had any kind of emotional or spiritual journey, you will have heard of Louise Hay, who in the 80s opened our eyes to the awareness that illnesses in the body have psychological and emotional meanings.


Louise Hay

We would look up her little book called Heal Your Body then repeat the affirmation, hoping it would cause the health challenge to disappear.


If you had an illness, you either went to the Doctor and took medicine, or you went down the alternative healing path, hoping that one of the modalities you sought out, would heal your discomfort. And hope like anything that your body didn’t go wrong and cause you more suffering.


Discovering Meta Health

As a lot of my readers know by now I am studying ACE with Richard Flook. When I first came across Richard talking about ACE I was so excited to discover that there was an integrative tool, with empirical and scientific research behind it, that could zero in on the underlying issues that contributed towards ill health.


Knowledge is certainly power in the area of health, and now having my own health challenge, high blood pressure, which I’ve written about on my blog, I get to experience it in action.


Principles of Meta Health

There area 10 basic principles to describe the Meta Health Model. Some of these are briefly outlined below. They will show that your body isn’t going wrong, there is an underlying reason for it’s response and why. Your body is a barometer, reflecting where your life is out of balance with your Soul.


Meaningful Process: Disease as a Journey

We discover that our body’s are highly intelligent and the disease response is a biological meaningful reaction to an emotional/ spiritual/ environmental issue ensuring survival of the organism and species in the face of conflict. Our ancestral history and past lives can play a big part in this conflict appearing in our body.


Synchronicity of Body, Mind, Spirit, Environment

Hugely important, that there is no separation between mind, body, spirit and environment. One area will affect the other. I’m sure we all know how our thoughts can affect our emotions, but our thoughts and our environment affect our body as well.


Beginning of an Illness

Here we experience a UDIN moment. This is Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating, and No Strategy for dealing with a conflict. Or this could be some sort of trigger of an unresolved ancestral pattern. Mental illnesses can have UDIN’s or patterns at their core as well.


Disease as a Process

Every illness has two phases; the stress phase and the rest phase. Symptoms can show which phase of the disease process you are in, and what in the disease process is yet to come. We can be triggered by something that remind us of the original conflict shock. The most predominant triggers are auditory or visual.


For example one trigger that caused my blood pressure to rise was a man in authority, his voice would trigger me into a freeze response.


Adaptability of our Bodys

Something I find fascinating and miraculous is our body’s ability to adapt to what is required in order for it to deal with a situation. Being menopausal I notice that when I have thoughts of having a lot of tasks to do, my body will have hot flashes/power surges, as a way to summon up the energy for action.


Or a torn tendon might show that the cells were diminishing in that part of the body in order to be more flexible for the job that is required of it, perhaps an extra load to carry after life circumstances have changed.


We may also take in a chunk of information that we are trying to digest, but it isn’t sitting right with us, this may lead to indigestion or heartburn. Our stomach creating more stomach juices in order to digest the new information.


Healing and Making Changes

As Meta Health is not a healing modality, you therefore use the information with any number of complementary healing techniques. It may be an energetic pattern that needs releasing or it might be that something in your environment needs changing.


Whatever needs to be healed will move you forward in an evolutionary way, and now that you are in tune with your highest path and purpose, your symptoms will dissipate and your Mind Body and Spirit will be in harmony.


What would it take for you to full embrace that your body doesn’t make mistakes?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • Audrey

    Yes it makes sense…. I have chronic gastritis and I wish I could get to the bottom of it. I too would love to find out more please 🙂

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