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Do Healers Really Heal

Do Healers Really Heal?

I’m learning a new healing technique at the moment and it’s bringing up a lot of questions for me about how I work doing healing sessions.


The Source
I realise that I am not actually doing the healing, that Spirit/God/Universe/Goddess/The Source is the healing energy and I am the facilitator of the session, be it proxy work doing the Emotion Code, or other sessions that I offer like Cord Cutting or Soul Healings.


I ask Spirit for the healing, Ask And You Shall Receive, but I see this healing energy works directly with the client, and not via my body.


Body Workers

People who do body work, like massage, bowen, rolfing etc are channelling the healing energy, or using their own energy to effect change, there’s also energy workers that channel the energy through their own bodies too, like Reiki, hands on healing, and even John of God uses his body to channel the Masters.



The question arises, if the energy is coming through my body first, will there be any energy left over for the client if my body needs the healing energy as well?


And do I want my issues triggered by this higher vibration and so create boundary issues in the session which isn’t for me but the client? As an empath it poses the question – who’s stuff is who’s?


Heal Thyself

In the work that I do, I prefer to see that I am commanding the energy, and witnessing the healings, and holding the space so that people have a place to transmute the old into the new. Even via email I am doing this.


My healing services are but a reminder that we all heal ourselves, and I am a mirror that shows you that you also have this ability inside yourself.

The healing doesn’t come from me, the healing is within you, and I am shining a light on that part of yourself.


I am just the navigator, as we need a frame of reference to be able to know how to transform the energy.


I offer a space of safety and reassurance that I know the process, and reflect a level of permission that you otherwise may not have felt possible before now.


Where do you see the healing comes from?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)

    My massage therapist is a deeply religious Christian. From his viewpoint he is channeling healing energy from God and he is only a conduit.

  • Lara

    You pose an interesting question…and I agree that ultimately healing comes from within each person, and your role as a reminder and offer of assurance helps facilitate the process, thank you!

  • Mystic Comfort

    Interesting question! I think of myself as a conduit or director of the healing energy available in the world. I facilitate the healing but am not the source of it.

  • Kate

    Hi Mystic Comfort, so you see it comes through your body first?

  • Mystic Comfort

    Kate, I have to say that I have probably not completely thought it through, to be honest. Let’s see. During any given distant healing session, I am likely to draw it down, bring the energy up, pray, use tools, use my own hands, draw symbols, and sometimes, journey on behalf of my client. So I guess it comes from all over the place, directed by me? And sure, my body gets involved, but usually, it is not the healing, itself, that steals my energy, it’s the client (LOL). As an empath, just connecting to the client has an impact! But I sweep away the experience afterward and ground myself and that helps.

  • Kate

    Hi Mystic Comfort, yes, I can relate to being an empath and the clients energy lol

  • rachel flower

    Great question. And in the quantum flow it’s not necessarily one that can be answered specifically. Where does energy come from? Energy is not created or destroyed, it just changes from one form to another, and so it also depends on our definition of energy…. Ahh…. I love the conundrums. I know for me I feel something flowing through me at times, and at other times it just seems to happen in all places simultaneously. It depends on the client and the type of healing, and what they are needing at the time. Which is perhaps what you’re saying too!

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