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Spiritual Boundaries

Do You Have Healthy Spiritual Boundaries?

As an Intuitive/Healer I have had to spend more time trying to close myself down than opening myself up to tune in. One of the biggest learnings in my life has been how to heal my over-empathy, and my boundaries which are way too open. I have had trauma in my life at a very early age which caused my boundaries to stay frozen in that open state.


Physical, Emotional, Mental Boundaries

We often hear about boundaries, and about setting a limit to what we will put up with and what we won’t tolerate.


We have fences around our houses, we have a comfort zone with standing or sitting around people we know and don’t know, we may avoid people who have too much chaos going on in their lives, we may know what we think about certain subjects, but what about spiritual boundaries?


How do we set spiritual boundaries?


I wrote a course called Return to Love: How To Love Yourself After An Abortion from a spiritual point of view, and I procrastinated for quite some time writing it because I’m scared of being attacked for my viewpoint.


Spiritual Dogma

When I was pregnant I suffered verbal attacks from my Doctor, and the picketers outside the abortion clinic for choosing to have an abortion. I was very open and vulnerable and didn’t realise how affected I really was by these attacks.


So the first boundary to set is that no one else has the right to determine your values and ethics.


Other people can decide what is right for themselves, but they do not get to decide what is right for you. I realised that those attacks said more about those people and their hatred and abuse of power, than they did about me.



There in lies another boundary distortion. That doctor hooked me into how much of the collective consciousness still thinks that doctors have more value than the rest of us, and at one time doctors were a part of the State, when Church and State were one unit. We still have laws about womens’ sovereignty over their bodies.


Church and State

Another Spiritual boundary issue is around the public holidays that countries in the western world observe. Here in NZ Christianity dictates our public holiday, and in the last census there were more non-religious people than religious. I have an issue with being forced to observe a public holiday which does not reflect the multi-culturalism of this country. In the UK there is a similar issue, not as much in the US as it recognises more of the diversity, but it’s still there.

Im not anti-Jesus, I love his message and energy, but I’m more spiritual than religious.

If you attended church as a child it maybe that you felt that you had no right to say no to what you were hearing and taking in. Church elders were authority figures afterall. I remember hearing alot of somber God-fearing words when I was a child in church and sunday school.


Spirit World

Another angle on Spiritual boundaries I have found as an empathic person is how much I pick up from the Spirit world. If I’m overly-empathic with the world’s energy, then I’m also overly empathic with the Spirit world’s energy.


Whether it’s astral clutter, people you know who have passed on, places you go where people have died, buildings where people have died, hospitals, churches, even the collective consciousness of a city, you may find you can sense this energy.


If you find that you can sense all these situations, it maybe enough to just be clear about what you will and won’t put up with, and set a boundary, but it may not be as easy as that. It maybe that you have healing to do, you will need to empower the parts of you that had your boundaries invaded in this area.


It’s an interesting area indeed, because you are having to set boundaries with the unseen, and also your beliefs. Much the same way you have to set boundaries with people, you are having to set boundaries with the Spirit world.


There’s a fine line between being open to using your abilities, and being impaired and paralysed by them.


Do You Have Healthy Spiritual Boundaries?

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  • Jude

    Great article Kate, really resonantes with me. I hope you share more about this topic, particularly setting boundaries with the unseen. It takes such awareness and courage to stand in one’s own truth when it flies in the face of centuries’ old norms and do it gracefully.

  • Juliet

    Boundaries are so important Kate. We can’t stay open all the time or we will get flooded. So good to see you articulating this.

  • Katie

    This article really spoke to me. Thank you!

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