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Choosing your profession

Do You Know Why You Chose Your Profession?

A few weeks ago I was exploring issues I had around my ability to learn, most of us have been traumatised in some way from our dysfunctional schooling systems, but the core belief I came up with was “I should have known that I should have known the answer”. So it wasn’t just that I should have known the answer to avoid punishment or shame, it was even more pressured than that. It’s that I should have know that I should have known. Talk about a mind twist.


On that theme while reading a book at Amazon Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness: Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease
I read this paragraph:


“At certain times in our lives, we think we are choosing the direction we will be going. However, we often choose nothing, not where we live, nor our frequent associations, nor our professions. Our profession, for instance, is, like the choice of an illness, the means by which we often seek to protect ourselves from some old, resonant, hidden pain.”


I thought of course I was destined to be an Intuitive, if a hugely damaging core belief was that I should have known that I should have known. My mind would have been scrambling and reaching for any answer it could find in order to not be made wrong. The neural pathways would have been well worn from an early age in the way that I go about getting answers to questions.


A staggering percentage of eldest daughters of an alcoholic will end up as a nurse, taking on the responsibility as often eldest children do, and being somewhat trained to care for their alcoholic parent or younger siblings.


Richard Flook, who trained me in Advanced Clearing Energetics, says “Since early childhood, after the divorce of his parents and subsequent death of his mother from metastasised breast cancer, he has felt a deep compulsion to find an answer as to why this disease struck down the most important person in his life.”


Perhaps Richard Flook was more conscious of his desire to train in his profession.


Our desire to pursue an area for a career resonates at a deeper level and feels it meets our needs, but perhaps why we desire that career of choice is deeper than just its likeability. Perhaps it’s trying to resolve an inner conflict.


Perhaps a farmer is connecting with Mother Earth, an electrician is attracted to Power, an Interior Designer is trying to resolve an issue around aesthetic self worth.


Can you work out what deeper pain your choice of career is trying to resolve?

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  • Hamish Ott

    ~~~~~~~~ thanks heaps for this very though provoking blog Kate; I agree inter-generational issues are ever present ~~~~~~~~~~~ peace and love Hamish ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Kate

    Thanks Hamish, i didn’t get into ancestral issues perhaps playing out because of course it could go back more generations than just one.

  • Suzy

    A very insightful post – your question Can you work out what deeper pain your choice of career is trying to resolve? was very thought provoking. My career and passion are very different (at present anyway). My passion has always been in the humanitarian aid area particularly with children. I don’t believe that any pain has caused my passion but I do often entertain the thought that perhaps this passion stems from a previous life or lives – but my gut instinct tells me there is no pain involved in this.

  • Linda Ursin

    I know why I ended up in Computer Support, it was all that was available to me at the time. I’m dong what I do now because that’s who I am. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue.

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