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Earthing- Probaby the most important health discovery

I’m a big fan of David Wolfe at the moment, and he’s done alot to popularise the concept of Earthing as a health benefit. I just recently watched a video from the Longevity conference and David talks about the concept for about an hour and brings Clinton Ober to the stage to discuss it further. I had already purchased Clinton’s book about Earthing.


I was so taken with it that I decided to make my own earthing device which was so much cheaper and easier than buying one of the packages that David sells.


I just got a metal rod, attached some wire to it and stuck it in the ground, and ran that wire into my house and attached it to an antistatic band that i wear around my wrist. I wore it all day yesterday and found it had a hugely calming effect on me, it quietens the left brain of all the mind chatter. And I slept last night with it attached and my usual pains from being on the computer all day were non-existent.


Ideally we can just all go outside and walk barefoot on the ground for at least 15 mins three times a day. But as its winter here and for those people with a sedentary lifestyle, having an earthing wire attached is the next best thing.


The products you can buy now are numerous, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, products for in your vehicle etc.


Fundamentally David believes that the shoe is the most dangerous thing we ever invented. Keeping us away from the natural healing energy of mother earth.


The benefits of earthing are way too numerous to mention here. There have been documented cases for years of the results achieved.


As we all know indigenous cultures have known this for centuries, the healing power of the Earth, a huge battery that neutralises so many energies that we in the western world pick up in our day.

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  • Frank

    Kate, an Iranian once told me a similar thing about shoes. He said they always wear leather sole shoes and scoff at “you Westerners who all wear rubber sole shoes as it cuts you off from the earth.”

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