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Have You Ever Been Fooled By A Man?

He called you Darling and Sweetie and Love.


He seemed into you, he was a good listener, he wanted to do things you wanted to do.


He was calling and texting every day.


You stopped going out with your single girlfriends to places to meet guys. You stopped dating other men.


And it appeared as if he wasn’t seeing anyone else either. He never gave off that vibe, after all he was checking in everyday. He wouldn’t have had the time. You made plans together.


You were sure you were both on the same page.


Then you found out you were WRONG.


He was either seeing other women or he had a girlfriend. He didn’t plan for a future together, he was just playing it by ear, day by day.


You had decided all this based on his behaviour, but you realise that no where did he ever say that he was into you in the way you wanted him to be. You presumed that because you felt that way then he probably did too.






Because you were operating out of fear the whole time.


You never had “that” talk with him because it felt as if you might scare him fully away if you had a serious talk when you were having such a good time.


You didn’t want to talk about the terms of your relationship.


He might have backed off if you had.


But because you played it this way then you missed out on a key ingredient. You didn’t put yourself first.


Unless you were leaving it to chance or playing it by ear. ( I don’t know too many women who aren’t secretly wanting their relationships to move forward to a deeper connection)


But a man also knows you aren’t putting yourself first if you’re not having that talk or requiring anything of him.


And if it’s all about his needs and not about yours, because you’re too afraid to tell hmi what your needs are, then if he’s not had that talk with you then he’s probably taking you for granted.


So instead of doing it on his terms, being supportive of him, tell him what you want and put your terms forward.


Chances are he will find this highly attractive because he will realise that you value yourself, then he should too. And if he doesn’t then he’s not the man for you.


So put yourself first and you’ll never be fooled by a man again.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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