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Healing Adrenals Ancestors

Healing My Adrenals – Legacy From My Ancestors

At the moment I’m working on healing my adrenals as I have adrenal fatigue. I’m taking sea salt in water and lots of herbs and supplements and taking time out to get totally horizontal. Aside from the ongoing earthquakes where I live which hasn’t helped, and turning 50 in a few days, I’m slowly starting to wind down and can start to see just how much stress I have been under for quite some time. I’m talking years and years.


I went to stay at my parents’ house for a few nights to escape the earthquakes and my mother gave me a plate for my birthday which was my great-grandmothers. We share the same birthday but 101 years apart. She was born in 1860.


I picked the plate up yesterday and burst into tears. And went through a lot of feelings and had a lot of visuals. I wasn’t sure if it was my reaction to what I was picking up or if I was picking up her feelings. I have had these feelings before, and with other deceased family members but could never make two and two of it. I didn’t feel I was solely here to be a receptacle for my ancestors’ grief. But still felt there was a message that I wasn’t getting.


Some people told me that I was picking up my ancestors feelings and needed to clear myself, other people felt my ancestors were around me at this difficult time in my life or that they were saying hi because I was turning 50. But I had been in this place time and time again and not got it. I still knew I hadn’t got it fully. It seemed multi-layered.


I then read about David Furlong’s book, Healing Your Ancestral Patterns about how we can heal our ancestors and so in turn it affects us and that resonated for me. I had always felt that there wasn’t any point healing them, they were dead and I didn’t know them.


But their legacy still does carry on in me. Whether it’s a soul connection or a DNA memory or past life or what, I know in my heart that this is the next journey for me. To heal my ancestral connections.


This morning I was resting as I’m meant to be doing for my adrenals and something occurred to me. My ancestors came to this land, New Zealand, and had to work work work to establish themselves here and build a home and a life for themselves. It was the working class who thrived here because they could knuckle in and be productive. It is only 3 generations ago that they did that and the patterns of striving relentlessly surely must have been passed down to me as a way of being in this world.


No wonder I don’t switch off. My adrenals don’t switch off because I don’t switch off.


So even though it’s admirable what they did, its now time for me to say, I’ve arrived, I’m here, I don’t have to be getting anywhere else other than where I am. It’s ok to rest and relax and take a load off.


My ancestors were trying to tell me something, now I can heed the call.

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