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Healing Your Ancestral Family Patterns

There are 3 types of patterns that need to be addressed when healing your ancestral family patterns.


  • The influence that your ancestors are still having over you from beyond the grave, their unresolved issues.
  • The family karma which is a psychic link to our ancestors. The patterns they created by their lives and decisions, and how generationally they are still being handed down.
  • Genetic coding in your DNA and the conflicts that may still be occurring because of this.


Fields of Energy

Perhaps a good way to look at our ancestors is not to see them as disembodied souls floating around, but as fields or patterns of energy, and it’s these fields that hold the energy of our ancestors.


So this can be why we feel that our ancestors are with us all the time, we still carry their energy, energy that is also seeking resolution.


People who feel drawn to ancestral healing are often the spearheads in families to heal these patterns.



Through the work of Bruce Lipton we have come to realise that our genetic coding can be turned on and off depending on the environmental influences, and the same goes with healing so called genetic health conditions, which may have originated in our ancestors lives.


For example a lot of people today are intolerant to wheat, their ancestors lived through the potato famine in Ireland in the mid 1800s, and had to resort to eating wheat based products, and did not have the stomach enzymes to digest it with ease.


This shows you how our biology adapts to the environment to ensure the survival of the species.


Family Karma

Last year I found out doing some genealogy research something I had always felt in my bones but not really consciously known. That for hundreds of years my ancestors lived in the US. In fact, like millions of other descendants, my ancestors were on the Mayflower voyage. I think the thing that surprised me, was that here I am in NZ, and I thought my ancestors were mainly from Europe.


In doing research for a course I’m writing about Healing Your Ancestors, I got the shivers when I read about a pattern that can be apparent in people’s lives, ill gotten gains, it can stem from having slave owners as ancestors. I googled my ancestors names and found they were indeed slave owners.


In my life I am hugely identified with the slave energy, and in working through healing this energy, I realised that this pattern of master/slave could indeed have been handed down through the generations. Not only is it family karma, it’s a learned behaviour. Very much like how some families have patterns of “we don’t show affection” or “we don’t talk about the past.”


Do you have a story about healing an ancestral pattern?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • dk.grant

    I had a Edgar Cayce past life regression concerning giving my power away, being a victim. The most distant person was 500 BC, farmed along the Nile and after harvest the Pharoah’s men came collected all of the crop and left nothing for the farmer or his family. Victimized, taken for granted, resentment. There were three others that came forward each with similar stories and then my incarnation. He said I had the intelligence and the intuitive awareness to stop this in my life time, I was the captain of my ship. It changed my life knowing this. So, every time I slip into victimization I catch my self.

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