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Diatomaceous Earth and Activated Charcoal

Health Benefits of Taking Diatomaceous Earth and Activated Charcoal

Skin Conditions

A few weeks ago I went on a juice detox, to give my digestive system a break to see if it would help the eczema I had on my face and the seborrheic dermatitis I had on my scalp. When you give your digestive system a rest it frees up energy for repairing and healing the other parts of your body that need it.


Something I discovered was that skin conditions can be caused by systemic candida in the gut. I had candida before and didn’t want to go through the uber restrictive diet again, so looked online and found Diatomaceous earth was great for eliminating candida as its an internal cleanser, and was also good for skin, among other things.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fozzilised remains of algae organisms called diatoms. It is 89% silica. It has a negative ionic charge and traps  toxins, heavy metals, parasites, viruses and pathogens in it and then it passes through to be eliminated. It’s a physical action not a chemical action. It draws the toxins towards it, it doesnt absorb it.

I started with one teaspoon (don’t use a metal spoon)  in water and built up to one tablespoon. I also used a straw because it tastes like drinking soap.

Diatomaceous Earth is also good for lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, it’s good for skin, bones, hair and nails among other things. I’ve read lots of reviews online and it appears to be good for arthritis and joint pain as well. As its quite abrasive its better for your skin and hair when taken internally.

It can be bought cheaply at farming supply stores because it’s good for the intestinal health of animals and pets, and also good for getting rid of fleas. That’s actually why I bought it originally and I was delighted I already had some.

Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe, I know it sounds yuck because its used with animals, but its food grade diatomacous earth. There is a Diatomacous Earth that’s for swimming pools but you don’t buy that one. It will say food grade on the label.

I am taking it 10 days on, 10 days off, for three months. Make sure you drink lots of water when taking this because it dries you out.

Activated Charcoal

Something I also decided to use, it’s not vital though, is activated charcoal. It basically absorbs the Diatomaceous Earth and moves it through faster. With candida you can have die off as the organisms die, and that can cause flu like symptoms so it’s a good idea to move it all through. I thought about using bentonite clay but someone advised me this was far superior.

I take two capsules at the same time as the Diatomaceous Earth. Make sure you take it at least an hour away from food or medication.

Let Me Know If You Take Either Of These!!

2020 update to this post – I would add eating the Medical Medium way now.

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  • Eunice Murray

    where did you find the diatomsceous earth , as this sounds like just what I need .

    • Kate

      Hi Eunice, I bought it from a farming shop in my city, but I see they sell on Trademe.

      • Joshua Rash

        You must make sure your de is food grade and never use the farm variety as they sometimes contain harmful chemicals! Most health food stores and amazon carry it.

    • Tiffany

      I Google diatomaceous earths phone number & ordered it straight through them and it was cheaper than Amazon
      Make sure you get 100% food grade it’sit’s good for People’s Health your animals health.
      There’s another one that you can use for bugs in your & outside but they say it’s not good to breathe it so you might could try the food grade also.
      It’s also supposed to give you energy.
      It’s supposed to get rid of viruses & promote health.
      It’s a natural mineral from the Earth. ❤️

  • Jan

    Thanks so much for this information! 🙂

  • Lauren

    How did this work for you?

    • Kate

      It didn’t help my skin, I found out that my skin was caused by photo-sensitivity from the medication I was using, so it actually aggravated it. But if my skin was good I would carry on doing it.

  • Lauren

    Anything else it worked for?

    • Kate

      Well if I could carry it on I would, I will go back to it when my skin can handle it, but I would say its great for helping with candida.

  • Heather

    Did you take it with each meal or just once a day?

    • Kate

      Hi Heather, do some research online, I didnt take it with meals, I took it like a few hours after my breakfast and say half an hour to an hour before I ate again. You dont want to take it with meals. Only once a day. its powerful. start lower and build up.

  • Heather

    THank you

  • Leeannabanana

    Hey, I thought you might want to note that combining DE and activated charcoal would scientifically negate any benefits of the DE. If the DE binds with the charcoal then how could it provide systemic benefits? Perhaps you may want to try again without the charcoal.

    • Kate

      Hi Leeanna, I did quite a bit of research when I was doing this, and discussed this with this lady on youtube about it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO0I9TwZ6Z0 youll find my comments in the youtube feedback.

      • David Leo

        This is old. So can you take DE and AC together? You linked a video that you mentioned you discussed in the comments, but I cannot seem to find it, as they have 386 comments 🙂

  • Jack Day

    Hi guys I had dermatitis on my scalp for years and a sudden outbreak of psoriasis all over my body. I tried many things like mangosteen oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and much more just nothing seemed to work. I was recommended Activated Charcoal and within days noticed a difference with the psoriasis spots on my body. I found this blog as I was so shocked that it worked for me but was worried about using it on my scalp incase it may cause hairloss. I have been using it for 3 days on my scalp and all of the sores have cleared up, mixed it with a bit of water was absolutely brilliant. Washed it off the day after and reapplied very impressed. There are cheap and expensive activated charcoal and my friend recommended it to take as a detox (I also drink it with water). If any of you are suffering like me try http://www.nutrifii.com/en and search for “Restoriix” its patented activated charcoal with zeolite from an American company (I am from the UK but they deliver worldwide). Have been researching for years and so happy to finally find something that works. Hope this helps!

  • Patricia McDermott

    I have been taking de for about a year now due to being sick from living in toxic mold for seven years. I moved and started trying many things to try to detox but nothing was working. My body was full of fungus. I also had chronic pain. The de helped the pain, helped the brain fog, made my hair and skin and nails better, I love it. I started taking activated charcoal last week and I’m feeling even better. I understand it binds toxins better than anything else so I’m hopeful. I was wondering if I could take both. Anyone needing to detox..both of these are wonderful ! You can get very good de on amazon.

  • Terri

    Does it interfere with vitamin and mineral absorption ?

    • Kate

      Hi Terri, you might have to do some research on this, I have forgotten, it was a while since i did this. I remember I made sure I did it away from meals because of absorption and digestion.

  • K

    Hi Kate! It’s been awhile since you’ve posted this but I was wondering how things were going with your skin?

    What else did you try?

    I had a similar issue sebhorric dermatitis of the scalp. Itchy eyebrows, eczema and contact dermatitis. It took awhile but I was able to clear it up.

    I saw the most relief after getting patch tested and changing my daily use products. Diet change is also huge! I have a severe skin reaction to soy I never would have noticed before doing on an elimination diet (I’ve even been vegan and loved tofu so that’s been tough) Woild love to know where you’re at on your journey. I just started taking DE today and I was researching when would be the best time to add in the activated charcoal when I came across your post! I’m trying it out to see if it can help clear out my SIBO the same way it helps with Candida.

    Wishing you all the best! Thanks so much for the info.

    • Kate

      Hi ya, that was a while ago now that I posted that article. I worked out I had photo sensitivity to the sun. I also realised that part of it was that I was making sure I put nothing “normal” on my skin, and had done before that as well, and also went “no poo” meaning no shampoo. So I was in fear alot I think, about what I was putting into my body and on it. I stopped doing that and within a week my skin cleared up. I was sort of acting like a leper.

  • kris limmer

    Hi. Good stuff. I just started working at organic foods nelson and we have it here. I will be giving it a trial. Good article Kate

  • Jeri

    I took just 1/2 teaspoon of d.e. since I am very toxic. I still got constipated despite high water intake. Any suggestions?

    • Kate

      Hi, hmmm, thats not much at all really, maybe you could have more fruit? That can act to speed things up.

  • Eva

    What mg of activated charcoal do you take with de?

    • Kate

      Hi, I just used a bottle I bought at the supermarket, so nothing irregular.

      • Eva

        I meant, what milligram of activated charcoal was it? Also how many do you take with a tsp of de in liquid?

        • Kate

          Hi there, I wrote this article 4 years ago. Ive not done this protocol in a long time. Sorry.

  • Lucy

    There is another video saying to mix the de and the activated charcoal together and drink it. The charcoal absorbs the toxins killed by the diatomaceous earth. I bought a pound of diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal on Amazon

  • Mona Desai

    Thanks for the article…very informative! Can DE and AC be taken together with mct oil?

    • Kate

      Hi Mona, I dont know sorry, I used to use MCT oil but i didnt use much at a time. You could try it and see.

  • kathleen hair


    • Kate

      Hey Kathleen, its been quite a few years since I used this, but this article is perhaps the most popular on my site. I get quite a few visits a day. I think I used to use it on my cats coats, did you give it to them internally?

  • Kathleen

    I am really so thrilled that someone else is talking about DE, I ran across this stuff years ago to get rid of intestinal parasites and within 3 months my athletes foot had almost completely disappeared. I give this stuff to my animals; they both have the most beautiful coats, and I talk about DE to everyone, anytime I have a chance.

  • Nicole

    Why is everyone asking when to take the activated charcoal? If you actually read it to the end it says she takes two capsules of activated charcoal WITH the diatomaceous earth! Sheeshh! Lol have a great healing everyone 🙂

  • Jay

    I bought just the AC Powderi. WhAt part of a tsp would I take along with how much DE just to get started?

    • Kate

      Hi Jay, sorry I wrote this article 7 years ago, I havent done this in a long time so I cant remember sorry.

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