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Ho’oponopono: A Beautiful Hawaiian Prayer

Dr Hew Len

Hoóponopono is a traditional Hawaiian forgiveness prayer practiced by traditional healers. Hoóponopono was brought to the West by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, who co-authored a book with Joe Vitale called Zero Limits after his teacher Morrnah Simeona died.


You may have heard about Dr Hew Len, he was the doctor who cured every patient in the criminally insane ward in Hawaii State Hospital, without seeing a patient in person. Over a four year period he sat in his office and reviewed the patient files and within that time he had healed every patient by working on himself using Hoóponopono.


In my certification I heard him talking about this process.


100% Responsibility

His belief system which he calls Self I-Dentity is based on idea of 100% responsibility, taking responsibility for everyone’s actions that come into his awareness or environment, not just his own. Total Responsibility, according to Dr Hew Len, is that everything exists as a projection from inside oneself.


Over the years as I have come across this concept it was something I was conflicted about, especially when I feel I take too much responsibility for what’s going on around me. But this is more a spiritual concept rather than a blaming one.


How Dr Len suggests to help someone using Hoóponopono

You can use Hoóponopono on yourself or use it on others.


Whether someone/your client comes to see you in person, or you do the healing distant via email, the process is the same.


No “Out There”

The concept in Hoóponopono as taught by Dr Hew Len is that there is no “out there”. The client’s issues have turned up at your doorstep, so you are 100% responsible for everything you see, hear, every person you meet, everything inside of you or outside of you. Everything is you, so therefore you need to do the cleaning of it to clear it.


So by clearing yourself, it clears what happens outside of you, as it’s all connected on so many levels. Clearing those parts of yourself that have the memory of your client’s issue, which may not be something you consciously know about, but at an unconscious level you remember. You also can perceive that it’s the data (energy) that is coming into your sphere, its not the person but the data coming through them that you resonate with and have to clean.


You are in theory clearing everything between you and the Divine. This whole process can be done while thinking of other people you want to clear with, but ultimately it’s all about the Divine.


So for an in-person healing, perhaps while your client is talking you can be saying these statements silently in your head. The talking may be building rapport but you are working on a deeper level than the head.


4 Steps

There are four steps to the cleaning method of Hoóponopono. The order in which you do these four steps isn’t important. There is repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love. You can say these statements silently in your head.


Step 1: Repentance – I’M SORRY

This first step is saying I’m sorry. This means you are saying to the Divine, I’m sorry I forgot my connection with you, I’m sorry that I forgot that everything thing is you and I was trying to do everything on my own. I’m sorry that I didn’t remember to come to you and so this issue happened. I’m sorry for what is in me that brought this about. You may be saying this to the Divine inside of you, or wherever you perceive the Divine to be. Don’t get hung up on this, just say the words.


Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME

You are asking for forgiveness from the Divine. To be forgiven for forgetting that the Divine heals all, that this problem was every created in the first place, and that you want to be restored to wholeness in surrendering your ego stance of trying to either manage this problem or being irresponsible or in denial that you had this problem, or that you could solve it yourself. You are asking for forgiveness for you and your ancestors and everyone that needs to be forgiven.


Step 3: Gratitude – THANK YOU

Thank God, the Universe, the Divine has just cleared your issue. Being grateful that this problem is gone, that you feel blessed that the Divine is there to ask. And that the Divine would grace you with this clearing. It is done!


Step 4: Love – I LOVE YOU

Saying I love you brings up such a warm feeling in your heart. Love is the ultimate energy. It is pure energy. So saying I love you reminds you that you are Love and you are the Divine. Love connects you with the Divine. Love is the healer.


Saying these 4 statements over and over again, taking 100% responsibility for everything that is in you and around you, is how to help yourself or someone else/your client.



There are so many angles to Hoóponopono that you can take, focusing on what shows up in yourself, or focusing on other, through repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love, bringing about healing on so many levels.


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