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Is your Free Will working for you or against you?

Ive just been listening to Wayne Dyers audio cd about The Power of Intention. He has some good points that have totally changed the way I see Free Will.


He says : “At any moment in time all spirit is concentrated at the point where you focus your own intention.


Therefore you can consolidate all creative energy at a given moment in time, this is called your Free Will at work.”


He says that Universal mind is in your divine mind AND your free will.


Isnt this what some of us call Co-creation?


This got me thinking.


I saw Free Will as this naughty child who was defying her parent, like a brat having a tantrum – I WANNA DO IT MY WAY!!!!


And after so long doing it on your own you give in and say to your parents, ok, I’ve had enough, let’s do it your way, as if I’ve been bad for trying it out my way, and it didn’t work.


I saw my part as somehow being misguided. Sure I want what I want, but if I could only let go and go with the flow about what the Universe wants for me, then I will be happy, on track, life would be easier.


I never saw my free will as being a part of the divine universe. It felt like if I applied my free will then I was treading water or swimming upstream and needed to let go so I could flow down stream.


In some teachings we are lead to believe that the Universe doesn’t have any impact on our free will, but unless you are totally egotistical or travelling a journey of darkness, how can it not?


Call it a paradox, or a dichotemy, but the two can co-exist simultaneously, finally I get what co-creating means.


It’s not all my way and being egotistical and hard work, or all the Universe’s way where I feel like a rudderless ship blown wherever tides and winds take me.


Just call me Captain, setting sail where I want to go but knowing I can use the winds to my advantage!!

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