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My Successful Breakthrough With Food and My Health

Knowledge About Food

I know quite a bit about food, since being treated for high blood pressure a few years ago. I have been through various stages of strictly controlling what I eat, learning about vitamins, minerals and supplements.


I’ve learned a lot also because I had adrenal fatigue, when to eat, how to eat, what to eat.
Of course I fell off the wagon time to time, but overall my eating was good.


I even went gluten-free last year, I had gluten-free toast for breakfast, whole grain oats for morning tea and salads or veges and protein for lunch and dinner. I had smoothies and I juiced veges.


But still I felt like crap.


Wired And Tired

So I looked at all the emotional issues in my life, and there are plenty. I worked through a lot of that.


But physically I felt old and debilitated.


My weight fluctuated, exercising was so hard, because I was always fatigued and my muscles and joints ached. I just put that down to hormonal imbalance at my age.


I went to see a naturopath about 3 months ago and he worked on supporting and clearing out various organs under stress. I was detoxing, so expected to feel like crap. Maybe it was because I had leaky gut, and I wasn’t absorbing nutrients.


And still I felt like crap.


A Door Opened

New Years Eve, my sister sent me a link to a 5 minute talk with Wayne Dyer on how he’s gone wheat free and the Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health book by William Davis.


I instantly bought it on kindle and read it in the day. That was 9 days ago.


I did some more research, how did this compare to the Atkins diet, and to the Paleo diet.
I wondered if I was just going to jump on the diet fad bandwagon and start up yo-yo dieting.
Was I going to be able to sustain it?



So much has changed in just 9 short days.


  • I don’t have the awful mental fatigue that crippled me in the morning
  • I have sustained energy throughout the day and don’t have to stop for naps
  • I am not craving sweet food or eating to keep my energy up, which I often had to do when I was working
  • I’m not feeling bloated, I didn’t realise until I ate this way that I was feeling bloated all the time, I thought it was normal
  • I feel emotionally more centred overall
  • I’m not having as many hot flashes, and when I do they are minor
  • I can concentrate better
  • My joints aren’t hurting anymore
  • I don’t have to be grazing on food all day, I’m not craving something stodgy to make me feel grounded
  • I’m not having the same level of anxiety I was having before
  • I only weighed myself yesterday so I’m not sure if I’ve lost weight but I’m bound to have

Insulin Levels

Here’s the thing.


If you watched the video you will see why the wheat we eat today isn’t the same as the wheat that even our parents ate as kids. Its genetically modified.


So I get that.

But then there’s a sub group of foods, that are still nearly as damaging as wheat, that contribute to that spike in insulin and then crash, which contributes to health issues. Those foods are what are used in gluten-free foods. All the substitute flours. Eating gluten-free isn’t eating problem free.


I also realised the gluten-free toast for breakfast was setting me up to crash big time. Then the oats which I thought would give me sustained energy were then following me up with a huge whopping crash. So oats are out.


I never really liked eating a lot for breakfast, now I do, I have an appetite for breakfast finally.


The leaky gut, is probably irritated by the grains causing inflammation.


The other thing that I have noticed, which he says in the clip, is that grains affect the craving centre of your brain, you crave more grains and sugars.


I have noticed I don’t have cravings now.




I’m eating for fuel.


If this is Day 9, what am I going to be like on say Day 30?


I feel like I’m on the road to regaining my health.


Do you eat this way or are you willing to try?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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