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One Uncommon Reason You May Not Be Able To Get Over Someone And Move On

Foreign Cells In Our Body

Fetal microchimerism is where a small number of cells are in someone’s body, that originate from someone else, and found to be genetically different than the host they are found in.


In other words, if you are a woman who was pregnant, be it with a live birth, a miscarriage, still birth, or abortion, then you are most likely to be carrying cells from that child in your body, and your child will be carrying yours.


This may also explain mother’s intuition. And why the bond between mother and child is so strong.


Protective Cells

I wanted to mention another phenomena, well I think it is, it doesn’t really relate to my topic but I found it so beautiful I wept when reading it.


When a mother experiences an illness or disease the cells from her offspring have been found in the area of her body that is affected. At first it was thought that these cells caused the disease, but in fact the cells were trying to fight the illness and protect the survival of the mother.


Isn’t that beautiful?


But there’s more.


Y Chromosones

A % of women have been found to have Y chromosones in their blood. These are women who didn’t have male children. A study was conducted, you can read it here, which found other explanations about why the Y chromosomes were there; an older brother, an unknown miscarriage  or spontaneous abortion, a vanishing twin, or sexual intercourse.


Meaning whoever a woman has had unprotected sex with, she can carry his cells in her body.



So for all of us energists out there, and in particular empaths, this can have an impact on us.


As empaths we can be over-empathic with parts of ourselves, and under-empathic with other parts.


As a highly sensitive person, you may be able to sense these cells. Maybe these cells are calling you, because if you have a reaction about the relationship with the person these cells came from, then it needs to be healed.


Unresolved Energy

It may be why you feel as if you can’t move on, or someone is always on your mind, or memories of them are being triggered.


If your relationship was one where there’s unresolved hurts then it may be that your body wants to attack these cells, as in an auto immune disease. Remember our mind/body/spirit/emotions aren’t separate.


I like the idea that all our cells are working to sustain us, support us, even if they aren’t ours. But it might be a process getting there emotionally.


Can you ask your body if you are carrying someone else’s cells, and whose? Then set your intention to return the energy to sender. It’s fine for the cells to be there, maybe you don’t want the attached energy and memories that go with those cells.


Love To Hear How You Get On!!

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  • vandalavar

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing! Thank you

  • Siobhan

    Hi Kate,
    Think that article was meant for me! I have a lot of unresolved hurts stemming to a relationship I had and that ended nearly two years ago. I have recently been displaying symptoms that are common to certain auto immunine diseases ( I am a nurse) and I’m waiting to see a Rheumatologist. I don’t want to give this energy and I know my body can heal itself so grateful for any information that facilitates this.
    Thank You,

    • Kate

      Hi Siobhan, glad you got something out of it. I wish you well on your healing journey.

  • MCF

    Thank you so much for writing this – wonderfully useful information.

  • mentorforthrivingbabies

    Amazing! Thank you! I like the simplicity of giving the energy back to the other person.

  • Taylor Love

    Wow! Love the one where the baby’s cells are trying to protect the mother <3.

  • june

    Just Amazing and indeed Food for thought. Thank you

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