RIP Lee Roche

I wanted to acknowledge the passing of my friend Lee Roche. I met Lee online in early May 2010 and we got on so well, we used to talk on skype alot. She was such a vivacious and vibrant woman. We met through an email group and found we had alot in common. I bought her book at her website which was about her journey helping her husband who had cancer, with her efforts he went into remission. Sadly he passed away August 2009. They had been together since she was 18. She died age 48.


It was like we had known each other for years. She was so grief stricken but staying positive and she was wanting to stay in her lovely familyl home and not move out due to foreclosure. She totally believed in the power of manifestation.


Late May she went to visit her daughter in Auckland and I remember her saying she was sick and going to go back home. And that’s the last I heard. I thought it strange she hadnt contacted me back but was told that she had lost her internet.


In fact she had gone straight to hospital and from reports I gather was put in an induced coma for 5 weeks then passed away. It’s horribly sad for her daughters who have lost their father and mother in less than a year. She used to always talk about how much she loved her daughters so much.


She passed away June 26th, 2010 of swine flu.


RIP Lee, and thank

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