Step-By-Step Process Of A Cord Cutting Session (Cutting Cords Of Attachment)

If you’re interested in having a cord cutting session with me here is a step-by-step run down of the process I use.


Set An Intention
The first thing I do after you contact me and book a session is that I get you to set the intention for the session. Between when you book the session and when you attend it via phone or skype I will have required you to describe what you want to get out of the session in a positive light. Most people describe what they want in terms of what they don’t want. Eg: I don’t want to be tied to so-and-so anymore in a way thats causing me pain. I don’t want their energy affecting me anymore. I don’t want to be held back by so-and-so. So you can reframe that into something you want. Eg: I want to move forward with my life and have loving relationships. I want to have confidence in my career/life/body/relationships.


Choosing A Person To Cut A Cord With
Some people know who they want to cut a cord with before they book a session, others don’t. The person you choose can be living or deceased. If you don’t know then when I ask you to set an intention you can send me also a list of people who you may want to cut cords with. I will dowse when we are in a session and find out who is best to cut an etheric cord with.


Creating A Sacred Space
I then create a sacred space which moves us from ordinary daily life into a healing mode.


Calling In Divine Beings
I will ask you here who you want to call in for assistance in your cord cutting session. People often opt for the archangels. Eg ArchAngel Michael, ArchAngel Raphael. Other beings you can call on are Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Goddess and Gods. You don’t need to be too hung up on this process, if you choose not to call in a divine being, that’s ok. I will call in one anyway for the session for me.


Before Picture
I will ask you to tune into yourself in relation to this cord we are cutting and ask you how you are feeling. Before you tell me I will do a review of your chakra databanks. Often times I see random pictures in places in your energy body and I trust the picture I am getting. It often makes sense by the time we have cut the cord. We do a before picture so we can compare it after the cord is cut. This is where the cord is affecting you in your energy body.


Asking Permission To Cut The Cord
I ask divine permission to cut this cord. I also ask you to repeat after me a statement of permission.


Cut The Cord
Here I cut the cord with divine assistance.


Energy Bandage
In order to assist with the healing we then put an energy bandage where the cord has been. People choose crystal, gemstones, rocks, wood and then lots of other things like the sound of childrens laughter, rainbows, fairies, rain, sunshine, a warm hug. This is a lovely feeling to have this energy being placed on your energy body for healing.


Dialogue Box
This is my favourite part of the healing process. This is when I tune into the patterns that were in the cord that has been cut. These patterns come to me often from early on in your relationship with this person and moving forward in time. They can be words, or just an energy of an emotion. These are the patterns that have played out in your subconscious binding you to the dynamics in place with this person and other people.


We discuss the patterns and how they have affected you. Often times it’s too early to know what you will do differently because the energy will need some time to settle. But you have more choices available now as you won’t be playing out the old patterns anymore. Cutting a cord can affect you for some time to come as you work out how you will relate differently and experience a new way of being.


I will tune into the divine beings to find out what your homework is. Often times what comes through is some action you could take based on what patterns you will be letting go of.


I will also advise you to drink more water than usual and recognise you may be more tired than usual for even up to a few weeks. You may notice memories, feelings, emotions, insights coming up. Just be gentle with yourself.

After Picture
I tune into your energy and check the chakra databanks and see what has changed since I received the before picture.


Aura Seal
I close off the session by disconnecting me from you and you from me.


Here the session ends.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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