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Trauma Releasing Exercises

I was watching Celebrity Rehab yesterday with Dr Drew and he said something that got me to thinking and I googled what he said. He said that some anxiety has it’s roots in trauma.


What came up wasn’t what I had meant but I was interested in what came up.


David Berceli’s Trauma Releasing Exercises.


I spent most of the afternoon reading about this technique and I was pretty blown away by it.


The essence of it is that when we have too much stress or trauma than our body can cope with, what we should be doing is shaking; having tremors. We do it sometimes when we say our knees are knocking and our teeth are chattering. But alot of us adults control this reaction. All mammals tremor after stressful situations.


By controlling these neurogenic tremors we lock the stress into our bodies. The tremors tell our brain to shut off the fight or flight system, but if we don’t let them happen this response carries on.


We equate trembling with weakness and we manage to have some control over it. Animals let themselves shake.


So now the trauma is locked into our bodies through a sense of constriction.


Our brains response to trauma is to remember what happened so that we can do what we did again in order to survive if ever the situation should occur again. But that’s no way to live.


Trauma release exercises are 6 exercises that allow your body to start to shake out this deep core tension and release the old traumas trapped in our bodies.


Of course you need to check with your Doctor and also if you know you are unable to deal with what emotion that might come up, then you need to do this with a therapist. There is no guarantee that emotion won’t come up. Some people experience only the physical sensations and others have emotions and memories.


I feel excited and quite scared at the same time.


PS: I just did my first set of 6 exercises, it’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I can see how it works. I will wait to see how I feel tomorrow because right now I just feel like I have had a huge workout. Especially my legs.


2021 Update: I wrote this during a period where we were having daily earthquakes and I was too scared to let go into the feelings of shaky legs, since then TRE has become really well known. David Berceli even came to our city to help people recover from the trauma from the quakes.

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