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The Anniversary Syndrome

Our lives are connected to our family and ancestors like an invisible web. There are strands that entwine us that we don’t know consciously are there, but are very much present on an unconscious level.


With mindful awareness, we can trace these threads, to find out what still holds the energy, and what has yet to be assimilated into the family psyche.


This energy will tell us what is secret, unvoiced, and unresolved.



One doorway into this unseen realm is anniversaries. It is one of repetition and synchronicity if there are unresolved issues in your ancestry.


Dates have always spoken to me. My unconscious likes to get my attention with dates. I will dream about them, and notice their repetition.


I’m not as aware of ages, but that can also be a repetition marker.


Great Grandparents

I share the same birthday as my great grandmother, I was born 101 years after her. I was due to have a baby on a certain date, the same as her great grandmothers, 101 years later. Which was my exes eldest daughters birthday.


I have recently come to learn more about my great great grandmother, her and my first son share the same birthday. She was 28 when she gave birth to twins in the 1870s, and one month later set sail from Ireland to NZ, and had to leave one twin behind because of immigration policy.



My son is turning 28 this year as well. Both my sons are Geminis, I was due with my second son on my first sons birthday. Gemini being the twins.


The twins were called William and Samuel, the names of my two nephews. My great grandmother who was the next child born after these twins, married a William and after he died tragically marries another William, same sir name as well, they were unrelated. My grandfather is William as is my father. My family birth name is Wilson, meaning son of William. The child left behind in Ireland was William.


Unmourned Grief

The energy is still alive and unmourned and repeats itself.


Grief still waits transgenerationally to be released, and is contained in this family history and karma.


Invisible family loyalty is very much alive, and the unresolved issues of our ancestors are pushing us to heal this family pattern. Often people who have been cast out, left out, adopted out, died early, will energetically seek to be re included in the soul of the family.


We can suffer similar illnesses at the same age, or have operations on the same date, perhaps understandable between parents and children, but not as apparent when the there’s 3 or 4 generations between.


The issues our ancestors dealt with are very much alive not only epigenetically, but in the family psyche.


One famous case is of 22nd November 1963 when JFK was shot in Dallas. That date has energy for me because it’s the day my grandfather died. JFK’s great grandfather had also died that day, he had forgotten that he had received death threats, and he had chosen to have the bullet proof roof of his car down.


Do you share any dates with your ancestors?

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  • Harriet Stack

    I’m not really a number person, so I don’t tend to notice dates that much, but in my family we certainly tend to have birthdays in clusters. Words get my attention though. I was named Harriet after my great grandfather Harry, and my mother always knew his daughter, her aunt, just as Millie. After I was born and named Harriet Emma, she found out that Millie’s full name was Amelia Harriet Emma. That always felt rather significant. Thanks for a thought provoking post.

  • Cher

    Well, a little different for me, I was adopted so don’t know ancestors dates but i do have an odd story. My adopted Mum named me after a French ballerina (Knowing nothing about my original family) I met my real mum when i was 30, and learned she was French, I changed my name after divorce so my whole name is French and i now live in France 🙂

    • Kate

      Thats great Cher, there is a link I think with adoptive parents. On a soul level perhaps we are all part of the same soul family so thats why she adopted you, like she knew you already.

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