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Why God Won’t Take Away Our Agency: Understanding The Divine Plan


The concept of human agency, the capacity to make choices and decisions, is central to our understanding of individuality, free will, and moral responsibility. In many religious and philosophical traditions, it is believed that humans possess this agency as a fundamental aspect of their existence. However, a question that often arises is why a benevolent and all-powerful God would allow us to make choices that can lead to suffering, evil, and wrongdoing. This article explores the idea of why God won’t take away our agency, even in the face of potential harm and adversity.


The Gift of Free Will

One of the prevailing arguments for God allowing human agency is the notion that free will is a precious gift. It is believed that God endowed humans with the capacity to make choices because genuine love, faith, and virtue can only exist when they are freely chosen. Without the ability to make choices, our actions would be mechanical, devoid of any genuine moral significance. True love, for example, is only meaningful when it is freely given and not coerced.


Moral Growth and Learning

Our capacity for making choices, even if they lead to mistakes and suffering, is a catalyst for moral growth and learning. By experiencing the consequences of our actions, we have the opportunity to learn and develop as individuals. These trials and tribulations help us better understand ourselves and others, fostering empathy, compassion, and personal growth.


The Problem of Evil

Critics may argue that God should intervene to prevent suffering and evil if He truly cared about humanity. However, some theologians contend that God, in His infinite wisdom, allows suffering and evil to exist as a means to draw humanity closer to Him. The existence of evil can prompt individuals to question their actions, seek spiritual guidance, and develop a deeper understanding of morality. In this view, God’s plan is not to eliminate all evil but to use it as a tool for spiritual growth.


Responsibility and Accountability

Taking away human agency would also undermine the concept of moral responsibility. Without the ability to make choices, individuals would have no capacity to be accountable for their actions. This would negate the very idea of moral judgment and justice. By granting us free will, God allows us to be responsible for our actions, holding us accountable for the choices we make. This accountability is essential for a just and fair world.


The Divine Plan

Many religious faiths posit that God has a divine plan for humanity. This plan encompasses a grand design that accounts for human agency and the choices we make. While God may have a blueprint for the universe, He allows us to make choices that can lead us closer to or farther away from His intended path. In this sense, our free will becomes a crucial element in fulfilling His divine purpose.


The Joy of Creation

God is often depicted as a loving and creative force. Allowing human agency to flourish may be seen as an extension of His desire for creation. By entrusting humanity with the ability to create, innovate, and make choices, we participate in the ongoing process of creation itself. Whether through artistic expression, scientific discovery, or personal relationships, human agency reflects God’s creative spirit.


The Test of Faith

In many religious traditions, life is viewed as a test of faith and a journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Challenges, hardships, and the exercise of free will are all part of this test. By allowing individuals to navigate their own paths, God offers them an opportunity to demonstrate their faith, resilience, and commitment to the divine. The struggles and trials we face become a measure of our character and faith.



The question of why God does not take away our agency in the face of potential suffering and evil is a complex and profound one. The belief in the sanctity of free will, its role in moral growth, and the idea that it is integral to God’s divine plan provide compelling reasons for the existence of human agency. By embracing our capacity for choice, we not only gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the divine, but we also contribute to the ongoing process of creation and moral development. While the question of suffering and evil remains a philosophical and theological challenge, it is through the gift of free will that we find the means to confront and transcend these challenges, thereby evolving as individuals and fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

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