Soul Realignment

My Journey With Soul Realignment

Nothing Else Helped

Often times people try Soul Realignment as a last resort, they’ve tried everything else. That was the case for me. They have issues that they just can’t shake, trying psychotherapy, energy healing, eft, prescription drugs and other modalities.



In 2002 I had an abortion. It totally rocked the foundation and core of my being. I went into a deep depression even though at a head level I understood why I did it and why it had to be that way. Whatever spiritual journey I was on before that, terminating a life sent me on one of the deepest and most intense quests I’d ever been on. It’s what instigated me doing psychic and mediumship readings.


A New Frame Of Reference

I tried everything, therapy, ho’oponono, eft, emotrance, and quite a few more modaliies, Im sure it was peeling away at the onion of the issue. But it wasn’t until I found Andrea Hess’s website for Soul Realignment that I felt I was closer to understanding what was going on. If I look at it from a spiritual point of view, then what I have learned along the way has been the a huge basis of my experience and knowledge. There’s no motivator like pain.


I didn’t bother to have a reading with Andrea, I dove right in and started learning Soul Realignment Level 1. I felt like I had arrived home. So much of it felt right, some of it felt like I was in a Star Wars movie, but there was no doubting the information, even if I did struggle with it for a while.


The Soul’s Journey

Every Soul Realignment reading I do for other people is just one step further along the track of truly understanding the magnitude and maginificence in healing the journey of the Soul and all the blocks we have carried through time that are still impacting us now. Things like karma, entities, curses, bindings, vows, spells and a whole lot more.


Akashic Records

I did feel that reading the Akashic records sounded a bit woowoo, I was never one of those new agey space cadets, but theres no mistaking that it works when I do read them. And theres no mistaking the difference it makes in peoples lifes when they have the healing attached to the reading. Here’s an article in HuffPost about the Akashic Records.


Incidentally, one night a few weeks ago I woke up and I heard that it had been 7 years (quite a spiritual number in terms of a cycle) and that my karma was paid now for the abortion. So even though that seems like a powerless place to be in, there is no way I would be in the place I am now if I hadn’t spent 7 long years turning over every stone to find an answer. I physically feel different to after the healing, as if something has lifted off me.


I know I was lead to Soul Reaiignment, I feel that I’ve not found anything up until this point that covers everything that I believe in. Clearing out blocks and restrictions, information on the Souls journey, and the relationship that we have with people in our present lives and from our past lives. I’m truly in awe of Spirit and our journey through our lifetimes and how it’s impacting us today. And we are not powerless to do anything about it.


If you’re interested in checking out the Soul Realignment Training then click on this link and watch this webinar.


….A 2020 post script on this article – For a Soul Realignment Review 11 years later, I am still offering healing sessions using Soul Realignment, it has been a foundational part of the services I offer…..


Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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