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Abandoning My Body – The Journey Back To The Goddess

After doing a cord cutting session with a significant person in my life I have started to live further down in my body, the lower chakras, not just in my head. I find it very easy to not be in my body, I can be off in the ethers or my thoughts and emotions. But to feel my body has felt quite scary most of my life. Of course I have to be in my body for some things but the older I have gotten the easier it has been to be more sedantary and zoom off out of it.


I had childhood operations and abusive relationships but I think the trauma that sent me packing out of my body was having an abortion 8 years ago. At the time I was very much in the Goddess culture but for some reason that only is becoming clear to me now, I abandoned the Goddess, as much as I abandoned myself.


Spirit always finds a way to get you back on track, if you only take notice. I have had a string of clients lately where the Goddess energy has come through, so how could that not be healing me?


To love the Goddess is to love oneself as a woman, and for 8 years I have had very little love for myself, especially my body. But my body is calling me into action, to look after it better. And while I spend more time doing yoga and listening to the language of my body, I am slowly coming back to myself.


And a lot of the time it’s painful emotionally, mentally and physically. I have the spiritual down pat, but the messages of my body are something quite new to me. And if you feel your body has betrayed you like I have felt, then you don’t trust that your body could tell you anything that would lead to some kind of peace and understanding. Afterall it’s so needy.


The more I stretch out the constriction and repression of years of holding myself in so that I can’t feel myself, the more the Goddess enters once again. Her wisdom, her love.


Perhaps now I can accept this energy and not reject it with the harsh eyes I have looked at myself for 8 years. And make peace with my body and work with it and not against it. I have made peace from a spiritual perspective, but not for my body. I am my body as much as I am my soul.


It feels more pleasant to connect with myself at a soul level, but my body is screaming at me for attention.


Now begins the journey to explore myself through my body.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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