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Are Past Lives Still Haunting You Today?

I was browsing the internet and came across a site and read a paragraph that sent shivers down my spine. The paragraph by Patricia L Walsh read:


Our past life selves are not only characters in past dramas, but they also live within us today as ‘sub-personalities’. Their ‘unfinished business’ can make itself known through irrational fears, phobias or patterns that are not easily changed. We feel their emotions; manifest their talents; think their thoughts; are limited by their fears and perpetuate their quandaries often without consciously knowing we are doing so. These are the karmic complexes that are carried forward and re-imprinted in each lifetime essentially causing us to ‘pick up’ where we left off.


Well that small paragraph took me to a whole new deeper level of understanding. I know for sure that I came into this life with a whole lot more neuroses than I needed to. It was as if I hit the ground running with baggage. A lot more fears and phobias than was comfortable.


I felt the truth in this explanation that my unfinished business was playing out as sub-personalities. Of course we have genetics factoring in, and also our ancestral memories, but knowing that our past lives are still playing out actively in our subconscious is another level of power in being able to heal the past.


That I can deal with.


One of the key factors in healing this unfinished business from the past is to find out whether you have learnt the lesson. Intention is everything with healing. So set your intention to find out what the lesson is. You may like to sit quietly and see what comes up. Perhaps use a pendulum asking yourself questions. Or muscle test. You can use soul healing or theta healing or guided meditation to do this as well.


Often times karma is carried through lives when it’s finished already and we have paid our dues. At a soul level we hang onto our karmic lessons in case they come up again and we are unprepared for them. But we don’t need to do this anymore. We can clear this energy and let it go.


My Advanced Soul Healings clear past life energy, and so do my Past Life Healings.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • kerry

    I totally agree with this. If I stay open and ask spirit to show me a past life that can provide me with knowledge, I am shown. Most recently I have had this feeling death is approaching me but I do believe its a past life anniversary and I will be curious to find out what happened to make me afraid death is near.

  • admin

    I totally understand that death thing Kerry and how you can tell the difference. I think when issues dont budge then you know theres a past life root cause.

  • Lokesh Puri

    I want get rid of padt miserable thoughts. Spoiling future.

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