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Ancestral Healing – How To Heal Your Family Karma

“The gods visit the sins of the fathers upon the children” – Euripides (c.485-406 B.C.)


All of those personal issues that you struggle with, have you ever thought they are not just your own?


You may have tried every kind of therapy or energy healing and found your issues don’t budge, or they just lessen in intensity a bit. But they generally don’t change. This may be because not only are your issues yours that you created in this lifetime, but they are also your ancestors that went before you.


There are energetic energies that are handed down to us, these psychic links impact us in ways we think are our own issues, but they aren’t. This family karma ends up in our lap for us to sort through and heal.


You may ask why it’s your responsibility to sort out this stuff from times gone by, when you didn’t ask for it and you don’t even know these people. They’re long gone. Aside from the fact we share the same DNA with them, we also are part of the same soul group. We work as a team.


I believe that people have elected to be the spearheads of their families in order to heal their family karma. Let’s face it, times gone by must have been really hard, survival of the fittest, and they would have had little knowledge on how to deal with trauma and the emotional impact. So these undealt with issues and emotions are left over from their lives, impacting their DNA, and in turn our psychic links with them.


By doing this healing work for our ancestors , we not only heal ourselves, our children, our ancestors, we also heal our soul group. These souls are going to be our descendants as they incarnate back into our lineage. They will not be dragging their karma with them to work through again, because we have cleared it for them. Ultimately we will end up being our own descendant as we incarnate back into our lineage too. On another note, as a soul group, we are also our ancestors because we eventually reincarnated again. So perhaps you were your great great grandfather.


In the western world incorporating our ancestors in our way of life, or our thinking, isn’t the norm. In indigenous cultures they consult their ancestors and revere them, knowing that they live on. Many of us in the western world are being called to acknowledge and understand our ancestors, and through ancestral healing we can heal them and ourselves too.

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  • tanya

    my brother, sister and i have discussed our connection to our ancestors and how their karma has affected our lives. do you offer an ancestral healing meditation?

    • admin

      No sorry but I do offer ancestral healing. Check out my home page.

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