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Are You In A Co-Dependent Relationship With Your Mind?

I read an awesome book the last few days, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer. It’s probably the best book I’ve read on mindfulness and why you observe your thoughts and let them pass through. I can see why it’s a number one best seller and Oprah snapped him up for an interview.


I Like My Thoughts

I was always conflicted about Mindfulness because sometimes I like my thinking process; I like my curious and questioning mind. It also serves me well in my job as an Intuitive/Healer and if I let the thoughts and sensations just pass through, I feared I would miss something I needed in my job with my clients. I can tap into energy in a session by being aware of the words I hear in my mind.


Who Is Doing The Thinking?

I didn’t know how to differentiate my monkey mind from my deeper thinking self. The essence of who I am at a Soul level. Was that deeper self just feeding me full of distracting thoughts? It didn’t seem to be that way. I am aware that at a deeper level I also have faulty beliefs that need healing as well.


Michael Singer talks about how when you observe your thoughts passing through your mind, then you realise you are the one who is doing the Observing; you are not your thoughts.



What gave me that aha moment was when he said that we can be co-dependent with our mind. We are it’s slave. When I woke up in the night a few nights ago and thought I have to remember to pay a bill from my business account and wondered if I should do it then at 3am, I realised what he was talking about.


I was not taking charge of my monkey mind. I was letting it run me ragged. Sure some of my thinking was productive but I didn’t have to do what it said all day. I didn’t have to do things just because my mind thought of it, and it also told me I had better do it now in case I forgot. My mind would be looking for things to do forever if I let it have its way.


Take Charge

So I have taken charge. I have set limits with my mind; I have set boundaries, if my mind tells me that I have tasks to do in the middle of the night I will say no and I won’t forget to do them when I wake up. I have also set other limits about what I will do weekly instead of daily, just because my mind thinks it, doesn’t mean I have to obey. The mind can be a relentless hard taskmaster, and our emotions and our body can suffer because of it.


Are you being co-dependent with your mind?

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