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Do You Have an Inner Courtroom?

Are you always standing trial on the inside?


There’s the judge, the jury, the prosecution, and your defence is either weak or non existant?


I had an ephiphany last night. I’m taking the May Challenge in the One Command email group. To go up into theta and focus on what’s right with me, not what’s wrong. We can always look for what’s wrong, we’re doing it unconsciously all the time. And we find evidence in our lives to prove it.


What I came to realise is that I have this inner court room. The judge and jury. Every situation, person, MYSELF THE MOST, is up in front of the judge every moment of every day, being accused of doing wrong.


Every moment the prosecution wins and theres a voice of punishment. Of course so subtle now that I don’t even hear bit but boy do I feel it.


I realised I can’t just retire the jury and say it’s a mistrial because another court room is established in a second. And the judge loves her job and the esteem and authority and doesn’t want to retire. I realised that the voice of the defence was really quiet. The voice of defence for myself and for all the people I judge.


It’s hugely enlightening to look through the eyes of the defence in every moment than the prosecution. The defence is heart centred. The defence is humane. The defence is freeing, allowing, isn’t perfectionistic.


You try it. Who stands on trial for you? What are you accusing them of that you retry them again and again on the inside. With only a guilty verdict allowed.


Who is getting off scott free and you only wish they could suffer a little then you would be happy. Who should admit their guilt?


Defend them, what have they done right? What human part of them might have acted the way they did? Defend them. Say it out loud or write it down. Really get into the energy of the defence.


Can you feel how freeing that is?

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