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Are You Trapped In Time In A Past Life?

This year I have been having stronger and more vivid dreams. The energy in them has certainly intensified and I have been working with them doing healing. It’s sort of that thing where the energy of your dream lingers into your waking hours.


Over the last few days I have been waking in the night in the grip of different energy that seemed to want me to sort it, so last night I was hoping for a good and deep nights sleep. I am letting go and trusting this process.


Star Of David

I woke in the night dreaming of the Star of David, it was very strong and I felt frustrated and thought I have to get some sleep so I shouted in my head for everyone to back off and let me sleep. I did manage to sleep but it wasn’t great.


So I googled the Star of David this morning and I had an inkling what it might say from past investigations. It had quite a few meanings for me, the triangles facing up and down meaning creation, and the fact the two most significant relationships in my life were with guys called David.


Concentration Camp

Then I started trembling and realised that finally I was feeling the energy around a past life I always knew I had, but had never gone into. Of being in a concentration camp in WW2. I’ve always had an interest in concentration camps and my son and I read and watch anything we can on the topic.



I saw visions of me being a woman and being crammed in like sardines in barracks and feeling as if I couldn’t sleep and trust the people around me. So even saying in my head back off and let me sleep was significant.


I’ve always found it hard to sleep with other people around me, ie: people I don’t know that well, and I have always had a sort of hypervigilence around sleep as it is. Which of course is related to unhealed trauma.


I also realised that I felt in that lifetime that I couldn’t trust God to keep me safe.



A running theme for me and my healing at the moment is *I have to leave to be safe, if I stay I will starve*, which is the energy of the Irish who left during the potato famine, but I also felt that energy in the lifetime in the concentration camps. For me in those lifetimes one theme was about food, and this lifetime it is about getting my needs met.


After the fear dissipated, I went into my heart and heard that it is safe to be relaxed and trusting around people.



So for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon I dozed on and off in bed, I cant even think of a time where I slept during the day, unless I was sick or medicated after surgical procedures.


My son was getting ready to go for a job interview while I was sleeping and his nervousness is something I would have felt very easy being an empath, and to sleep through that is unheard of for me.


My father also phoned, and I text him back that I was sleeping and would call him later. That is something I also would never do, as my father is a workaholic and I would never want to appear to be sleeping during the work week.



Time is non-linear so trapped energy around memories from past lives can still be stored in our soul/mind/body waiting to be released. Perhaps I never resolved my issues in that life because I didn’t trust God. Maybe I didn’t go through the life review between lives.


The soul’s journey is on a continuum through our lives, and what might not make sense in this lifetime, certainly does when viewed through a longer lens.


Do you have a past life story that has impacted your current life?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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