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Romantic Relationships at a Soul Level

At times I get asked to do a reading at a Soul level about the nature of someone’s connection, usually with their recent ex partner. They want some kind of understanding about what might have gone on.


I actually don’t offer these kinds of readings and I asked myself why, because I could do them. I realised that if someone is going to pay me to do a reading, then best they have a healing component to it, like cord cutting or a soul level relationship reading. The information for information sake can be interesting, but often not the thing you remember the most about that relationship.


Knowing this information may confirm to you what you are feeling, but you know this anyway. All too often I feel that person is just hovering above a layer of pain they don’t want to drop into. Usually anger. This would enable them to move on. Wanting to know things at a soul level may feel as if it is comforting and keep the connection for you, but it doesn’t satisfy the personality and emotions, and our human experience and needs.


Here are a few things about relationships at a soul level that might explain what you’re experiencing:

  • If you are or have been in a romantic relationship with someone then yes, you have had past lives together.
  • You are probably in the same soul group working out your lessons via one another. Soul groups reincarnate together.
  • Depending on your lessons, you may very well be together in the next life. This is not something to hang onto, to keep your connection alive for you in this life.
  • It may well be that you paid off a karmic debt by being together.
  • It also may be that you are soul mates, but that doesn’t mean you are destined to be only with that person.
  • You may have past life blocks and restrictions that are impacting your relationship today. These blocks may be pacts, bindings, past life entities attached and more.


So rather than wanting a reading to find out what the connection is you have, you’re better off doing something healing wise in order to clear out the toxic component of your relationship, even if you’re still together. It will free you up to have a better connection, or in the case of an ex, to move on so you don’t feel energetically pulled back into the relationship. While you are pining for an old relationship, there isn’t any room for a new relationship to enter into your life, one that you have emotional room for.


If you’re together and have a great relationship, why not do something *soulful* to express that connection you feel for your partner?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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