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Astral Entities – Energy Clutter

Astral Entities are spirits in the astral realm who are either stuck or don’t want to move on and cross over. To be more specific they are the emotional and mental bodies of deceased people.


You may have heard of the astral realm and know there are other astral beings that reside there, namely angels and spirit guides. These beings are completely different than astral entities; they are helpful, whereas astral entities are not.


There may be alarm bells for you already, thinking that your deceased relatives are your guides, they may very well be, but as long as they are contributing to your energy and not draining you, then that is ok. They have probably crossed over anyway.


Astral entities are not of a high vibration, they are stuck on their path and perhaps have more of a need than you do. The energy exchanges is likely to be going towards them and not supportive of you.


Reasons an astral entity may not want to cross over are varied. Ranging from unfinished business, fear of God’s judgement, an attachment to people or places, not having enough energy to cross over, and having gone through a violent death and not knowing they are deceased.


Astral entities not only drain your energy, as they don’t have their own source of energy, but they also amplify your negative emotions. People think that entities create these emotions and inflict them on you, but in fact they vibrate at the rate of your negative emotions and exaggerate how you feel.


Often spiritual people have astral entities attached, especially healers, psychics and mediums who see clients. The client may have astral entities and they hop over to the healer when they open up. Spiritual people who do spiritual work and don’t use any kind of cleansing or protection may attract them as well.


I also think people who have issues with physical boundaries may suffer from poor spiritual boundaries as well.


I have encountered a lot of clients who don’t want to clear these energies away because then they may feel lonely. Other reasons you may attract an astral entity is if you use a Ouija Board. Poking around in other dimensions when you don’t know what you’re doing isn’t ideal. Also people with addictions to alcohol or drugs are wide open to having these astral entities attaching.


An astral entity clearing will move these entities along and solidify your aura and boundaries. You will be left feeling more centered, less attracted to be around people who do have entities attached, more able to focus, and most noticeably having a sense of emotional equilibrium.


Please visit Astral Entities for more information on a clearing.

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