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Cutting Cords of Attachment – Move Forward With Your Life

Cutting cords of attachment is one of the best ways I know how to move you forward in your life and sever old patterns that are holding you back. Cutting cords is spiritual healing, although that might sound ethereal, by no means is it ineffective.


When you cut a cord of attachment with a person all of the patterns that have been running through that cord that have been holding you back, are detached and you tend to then find you act in new ways because you are not being affected by those unhealthy patterns and beliefs.


It may well be that you feel you have a loving relationship with a person in your life but chances are you are either carrying on patterns with that person that are transferred from other relationships, ie your parents, or that the loving side of the relationship feels ok but there are toxic patterns you are running with that person as an undercurrent in your relationship.


I’m not saying that person has to be abusive in order to cut cords but you can set up a pattern running with a person from a very early age, and just even an energy of *I need you* or *You don’t see me* as an infant with your mother can carry on throughout your life and interfere with other relationships.


Also those teenage relationships and friendships may be long in the past but they do tend to set up a lot of dynamics for future relationships and how you feel about yourself in a relationship. You can’t really say that cutting cords with your family are the most significant people to cut with, because seemingly insignificant people have run patterns with us that are still affecting us today.


We are not just a physical body and by healing our etheric body we heal ourselves on a mind, body and spirit level.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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