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Cords of Attachment

Cutting Cords of Attachment

What is a cord of attachment?

A cord of attachment is a energetic connection to someone else in the form of a cord attached on the etheric level. It causes patterns from the past to continue on repeating in the present. The energy flows back and forth between you and this other person in an unhealthy way. You are connected by a cord with everyone you have a relationship with, however small.



Will my relationship end if I cut a cord of attachment?

No it doesn’t mean it will end, it will just release you from the patterns that are energetically keeping you stuck by staying etherically connected to that other person.


Will I have to let go the love I feel for this person?

Don’t confuse love and the cord of attachment. The cord has nothing to do with love, it’s all the negative and detrimental patterns and feelings you have that are still affecting you subconsciously. It doesn’t affect the love you already have.



Does it hurt to have a cord cut?

No, in fact it’s a release. There may be a feeling of lightness afterwards, or there may be an emotional release now that you’re not connected unhealthily to this person, or you may feel tired. Make sure you drink more water than usual in the day or so after.


How many people can I cut cords with in a session?

Ideally just one person. Don’t be fooled that people from your past that you don’t have physical contact with are minor cords, these may be instrumental in setting up negative patterns that have affected your whole life.



What if this person I want to cut a cord with has passed over?

That’s no problem, we are working on your side of the cord.


I’ve tried other methods of cord cutting but it didn’t seem to last before I felt the same again?

There are a lot of methods of cord cutting out there but with this method I’m assisted by Divine Beings, not astral level beings or my own efforts.



How long do cord of attachment last?

They last until you die or if you have them cut using cord cutting.


What happens to the other person on the other end?

Nothing happens, as much as some people would like them to receive everything they did wrong back down the cord. Divine Homeostasis is in place whereby the energy is balanced and unless they have their own cord cutting session then they still have those patterns but they are just not hooking into you.



What if I want to cut cords to the person I am married to? Does this mean we will break up?

No it just means you are free of the patterns that were in the cord and now you have the choice on how you want to move on and create a relationship you want instead of being tied to the negative patterns of the past.



Does this mean that my abusive relationship will turn good now?

No it doesn’t, it means that you will be free to move on in a way where you feel you have more choices.



What method do you use to cut the cords?
I call on Divine Beings to assist with this process. I will ask you who you want to have assist in the cord cutting so perhaps you might want to search the internet for who you feel drawn to. I usually like to call in Archangel Michael. You might also like to google Deities, male and females. You don’t have to believe in divine beings for it to work.



I don’t know who I want to cut cords with?

I have a process I can work through so we can relate what your situation is and what you want to get out of the session and who most pertains to that issue. If you still don’t know then perhaps have a list of people ready that come to mind before we start and I can dowse who might be best.



Will the cord come back?

No it won’t. Even if you have an ongoing relationship with that person. Those patterns of energy have been removed from your aura and you can now start to choose how you want to relate to that person here on in.


Does this have to be done in person?

No as this is spiritual/energy healing I can do this by email.




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