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Do I Want To Eat? – My Zero to Self Employed Mantra

Of late I have noticed that I am contributing more and more to discussions on Facebook about what I have done to put myself out there as a Professional Intuitive/Healer.


I then realised that there may be people who might benefit from my thoughts about what I went through in order to create what I would consider is a self sustaining business.


My motivating question to myself along the way was –


“Do I want to eat?”



Perhaps not a great sentence to say now that I am a Meta-Health Practitioner, and I understand more, it certainly would create a reaction in my liver, which responds to survival mentality.


But not being able to put food on the table is motivation enough, and my liver might have to take a back seat for a while.


Dealing With Discomfort

One situation I see are the healers who have other means of financial support, they may not rely on an income from healing, so they think that the discomfort from putting themselves out there can be healed, then they will feel more confident, and then they may not feel so scared about taking action.


But then crunch day never comes.


There’s always going to be discomfort. After all we are human, we will always have fears and worries about being out of our comfort zone.


Shaking In My Boots

In my early days doing psychic readings, I would be on the phone and I would have to sit on the ground, clinging to anything that felt solid, as I was so nervous I had to do anything that would calm me. Terrified nothing would come through for me, petrified of a blank mind.


Bottom of the Ladder

When I first started, I worked for peanuts, I thought earning something little was better than nothing. My ex had left and I had helped him with his business, but I was determined I could start again and that I was going to make it. My anxiety was high, I had very few boundaries in my business, I was walked over, I was scammed, I worked when people wanted me to work, early in the morning or late at night, I took boarders into my home, nothing motivates you like needing to eat.


I was so poor I was unable to study the extra courses that I wanted to study in order to increase my skills. All my money went on surviving.


I probably could have received Government assistance, but I knew if I went down that path, it would affect my sense of being able to do it on my own. I also really didn’t want to work for someone else. I found it hard in the past to work for a boss and do it someone else’s way, after running a household for twenty something years.


Heading On Up

Slowly I managed to create more of a buffer between myself and the bread line. Slowly but surely I managed to set better boundaries, increase my prices, learnt how to deal with clients in a way that supported myself, work my way up to the point where I am now, having just gotten rid of a few of my lower priced services.


I now do one session a day and use the rest of the day to study and increase my knowledge base. I can spend more time relaxing. I just had my first real break away from my business over Xmas. Not that you can ever fully switch off being self employed but I’m taking more time out now. And I decided that this year, every school holidays I will take time off as well.


Room To Breathe

The last of my boarders is leaving in two weeks and my landlord has just raised my rent significantly. And I’m not bothered. I eat the foods I want now, can buy the extras that I need, I can study the courses I want, I have worked through buying household items and replacing older items that I lost in the relationship break up.


My health has suffered, I was perhaps a workaholic, and obsessive, but I was scared of not being able to succeed. I suffered terribly from adrenal fatigue through some of it. As a healer you have to be really careful not to end up with burnout. My self care is way better now.


Self Sustaining

I’m very proud that I could go from zero to self employed, all the while enduring 2 years of massive earthquakes, and with an anxiety disorder.


You may ask what time frame I’m speaking of? Well it’s been 4 years now, but after 3 years is when I really started to feel I could relax and ease up.


I learnt how to create websites, and how to market myself. I increased my skill set, and met some great people along the way. I now can pay and delegate more time consuming jobs, in my business and my personal life.


I don’t feel I’m a naturally gifted Intuitive. I’ve had to work at my craft.


If I can do it. So can you.


What have I said that has inspired you to meet the challenge you face?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • Rosine Caplot

    Thank you Kate! Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiring example. It’s good to hear you were in a place where I am now and that you succeeded. 🙂

  • Kate

    If I can do it Rosine, so can you, and you will, I know it 🙂

  • Lindsay

    Kate this is awesome, thank you so much for sharing. I am currently on maternity leave but hope to venture into being fully self-employed within the next 1-2 years and this piece is inspiring. 🙂

    • Kate

      Thanks Lindsay, I am very teary today, realised its a reaction to writing this piece yesterday. Realised what a journey I’ve been on.

  • esellek

    I really enjoyed your post, thank you for writing it 🙂

  • dishofdailylife

    Inspiring!! I am attempting to re-invent myself and it’s quite the journey! Enjoying every step of the way, and determined to make it work!

  • Lianda Ludwig

    Nothing works so fast as when your back is against the wall! But the payback is that adrenal fatigue. No matter what, it IS important to take a break. That’s when the universe can deliver new ideas, creativity, and health.
    You’re doing great, and I pray it continues!

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