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Do We Create Our Own Reality Or Are We Divinely Guided?

How much effort do we have to put into our lives to steer them in the direction we want to go? And to achieve the results we desire?


I’m sitting here in my bed, sick with a cold. I’m breathing a sigh of relief as I sniff and cough. A week ago I put my prices up for my readings and healings and I went from being fully booked up every week, jam packed, to booking only one session this coming week.


I anguished and stressed that I had done the wrong thing, even though it had felt right, and told myself that I had stretched myself out of my comfort zone this time and so I was just getting comfortable at this new level.


I was still on edge though.


I started to feel worse and worse all week, feeling quite fragile and teary. Then last night I got a sore throat and now I have a fully fledged cold.


So did Spirit/Universe know better than I did and stopped my sessions coming in for the next week, or did I put out a vibration of needing a rest and so created some time out?


I also help my son with his new business and he had organised a Grabone deal unbeknownst to me, so I will need to be helping him next week too.


Should I have let go earlier in the week and trusted that everything was unfolding as it should?


I think anyone who has a degree of willpower exerted over their lives struggles with this one. How much input do I have in my life and when should I let go and trust?


This week it was suggested to me that I needed to make my website flashier, to romanticise my readings more, to offer more of a wow factor? I cringed, saying I was an introvert, and questioned whether I came across as depressed or unconfident in what I do. I felt lack luster big time.


Then I received one of Mark Silver’s emails about marketing and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, that I was enough and what I was presenting on my website was just fine. I felt like the energy behind my words was what mattered, and that I was on the spectrum between razzle dazzle and no frills.


I can put in as much effort as need be and whatever happens is going to have a silver lining or happens for a reason. It’s at what point I click in that matters, usually for me it’s after the fact that I realise it was all meant to be. So my lesson is to learn to take a load off and relax in the process rather than stress out along the way.


It’s times like this week that I feel that Spirit has had a plan for me, which I wasn’t able to see. I like that analogy that I’m driving in the car at night and all I can see is as far as the car headlights. I don’t need to see further into the dark.


Sometimes my efforts feel like I’m in the zone and I’m powering along, other times I feel like I’m clambering up that brick wall, scratching at it with my fingernails trying to get over it. And I make no headway at all.


Do you know how much you are divinely guided or if you create your reality?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • Vanda

    What a great and thought provoking article. I wonder wherein the balance lies? Sometimes I feel we are guided by our unconscious desires asmuchasby our conscious desires. As these desires seem to be innate with our particular psychesit then depends it seems upon free will and the whims of the moment, bolstered by faith in God as well as in one’s own self. As one begins to achieve personal goals fo great satisfaction and rights of passage are obtained, one will realize I think both the limitations of conscious thought as well as the concept of “one karma free second” which is always there, ready for us to have the ability to change our course. In conclusion and although in cliche as well,
    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can andthe wisdom to know the difference.” And with one further thought I will add, that to stop and smell the roses and give thank for the smallest details will inevitably manifest feelings for a larger thanks giving.

  • The Great Gordino

    Hi Kate,
    My view on this question, is that we can take the reins ourselves and take proactive steps, but those steps will have ripple effects that we may not be able to control. Some may be good, some may be bad, but I view it as better to take the proactive steps and see what happens!

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