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psychic tells you when you're going to die

Don’t Listen To A Psychic If They Tell You When You’re Going To Die!

Words Stick


As a psychic I’m all too aware that my words can stick in someone’s mind and memory for years and years. I still remember a reading I had when I was around 20 years of age. It wasn’t memorable but for some reason little snippets stick out. Like how many children I would have and what gender they would be. It turned out right too.


I had a reading when I was with my last partner and was told that we weren’t compatible, that we were different frequencies. That always played out in the back of my mind. I don’t necessarily feel it did any damage and affect my choices but she really did nail the energy of our relationship.


No Forewarning

Then there’s the reading I had in person, where the guy told me right up front in a barrage of words, how old I would be when I died, how old my partner would be when he died.




Talk about having me on the back foot from the minute I walked in the room.


What I Learned

When I first started out doing readings I was very positive and made it a point to say I don’t see bad things. I suppose I didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through. I mean I still remember the age he told me that I would die and the reading was over ten years ago.


I used to find it hard to tell people things that I knew they didn’t want to hear. Like an ex wasn’t coming back to them. Or that they might have to wait longer than a month for the next relationship, which for some people is eternity.



I think psychic readings should be empowering, who wants to pay to feel awful.


Nothing in the future is set in stone. Psychics are reading your energy at this point in time.


I find sometimes I will see the future as it pans out, and sometimes I see the next stepping stone on the pathway of life.


Psychic readings are way more accessible now with the internet. And the types of readings that are available has changed. Once upon a time you would go to your local psychic and sit there and have it all told to you as if it was a very mystical experience.


I’m Not God

Nowadays I feel the client has more power with the new accessibility of the internet. Some of the questions I get asked are so direct and specific I have to remind people that I’m not an all seeing God. I get questions like what is so and so wearing, and are they out on a date with someone else at this very minute.


You Have The Power

So remember, as the client you have way more power than you used to, I’m not saying you get to deny the truth if it’s obvious that the guy you were dating 2 years ago hasn’t called you, chances are he’s not going to.


I’m saying you don’t have to sit there and have a lot of metaphysical woo-woo stuff spieled out at you, and for God sake don’t ever pay more than a reasonable amount of money for a spell. That’s just plain ripping you off.

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  • Suzanne

    I had a friend who was told by a psychic that she was going to die in her 50s. I have no idea if it was true, but my friend has never forgot it and now that she is nearing her 50s, is actually very worried about it now! I think its best not to know. I don’t think psychics should tell their customers this kind of information.

    • admin

      Get her to read this article. Who needs to go to a psychic to hear that kind of crap.

    • Jean Johnson

      Hi there I just want to get my st i ry out there. When i was 28 i had a NDE. I was declared dead for 16 minutes. Since then my psychic abilities have increased 10 fold. I’m now approaching 60. 1 &1/2 years ago i went to a psychic who said i will die at 63. She said u already know this. That is true cause since my nde I’ve always known i wouldn’t live much past 60. I’m not afraid to die cause heaven is indescribably beautiful. There r no words on this earth to describe it!!! I just wonder if she & i am right. Trying to get my life in order & prepare. Anyway too much to write here. If anyone has any thoughts on this i would luv to hear input. Thanks & God bless . jeanie

      • Kate

        I cant really say much Jeanie, I mean if thats the future you want to create and focus on, what if youre wrong?

  • kath leiggi

    thank you as I too had a psychic tell me I will die at 74. I am 63 and think about it a lot. That person ruined my thinking. I really need to brush this thought aside. Though I have a friend who’s sister can look at you and know when you are going to die. I don’t even go near her as she has been right every time. I guess I will pray to the dear Lord on this matter too.

    • Kate

      Yea, its scary and needless. a trip to a psychic should be elevating, not scary.

      • kath leiggi

        twenty years ago this psychic told me I would die at 74 years…….it has stayed in my head for all these years…as I am now 63. I think I’m going to die in 11 years…..horrible. I wish she never said a thing.
        can you say something better to me than what you wrote to my email?

  • Kate

    Hi Kath, its about your thoughts, your thoughts create your reality, you give them the power. You dont know that that psychic got it right everytime, maybe she got some wrong and you didnt hear about it. Maybe, back then on your course of direction in life you were expected to die at 74, but every moment is a new chance to change that direction, maybe because of it you took better care of your health. dont give it the power. Shes not God. Trust in God, not what she said.

  • JD

    I went to a psychic four years ago. She told me I would die at 29. I’ll be 29 in one month and have decided I’m turning 30 instead. I don’t know how I will make it through this year without thinking in going to die every second!

    • Kate

      what you have to realise is that person who read for you is coming from ego, to even think that that kind of information is part of her speel, tells you the type of person they are. She is not coming from Spirit. So, dont give it any weight, it would be like me saying, hey, i see in a years time youre going to love the colour Brown. You say to me, I cant see that happening cause I hate brown, reminds me of my school uniform as a kid. You would just know that I was telling you crap. So dont give it any weight, its just another crock of lies. We are all psychic, she might have just honed her craft, and if she told you something else was true, doesn’t mean she has a good heart. being psychic is not 100% accurate.

      • JD

        Thank you. I suppose it makes it a little easier. I have wondered lately if by seeing death at 29 it could possibly be the death of a family member

        • Kate

          Youre still assuming this person is right. The issue isnt so much what they say but why you want to give them the power to rattle you. They have no compassion, so I wouldnt give them the time to say another sentence.

    • Casey

      Are you still alive

  • Lara

    Dear Kate
    I went to a psych a year ago and said that my husband is going to die in a car accident in about 5 years.
    This psych knew all about my past and present without me saying anything.
    Last month I decided to return and again the psych told me all about my past and present so right.
    When my time was finishing and I was so glad that nothing was mentioned about my husband’s death, again he said that my husband is going to die. But this time is 10 years from know from a disease.
    Is it possible that he noticed my fear ? Read my energy ? and said it again?
    I know few psychs tell people when there’s a huge purpose about telling this to people. But that’s not my case.
    I am very up set and do you know any prayer or sympathy to break this predictions out?

    • Kate

      Hi Lara, so sorry you went through this, but its not a prediction and nothing to break. Just because she knew your past doesnt mean she knows your future. Its coming from ego, why for the life of me would ANYONE tell anyone this kind of thing. Its totally coming from ego. The mere fact she said accident first, then disease shows you that shes coming from ego. So all shes doing is playing one big power trip. Why would anyone want to scare other people like that? She is not coming from her heart.

      Dont go back to her!!! Dont give her money to make you feel bad.

  • Rebekah

    A Woman told my boyfriends mom that he will die in a car accident from reading her cards twice, I’m devastated

    • Kate

      Read the comments above Rebekah, it has no more power than me saying youre boyfriend is going to dye his hair purple with red streaks. Total bull.

  • Tom

    A psychic saw a photo of me and said I’m very sick and would be lucky to live to 23. I am currently 16 and am healthy as far as doctors can tell.

  • sat

    hi kate, im 15 and this past year has been so hard for me and my family, in January it started off with my dad having a heart attack and we bought a new house but have no money to complete the renovations needed to make it livable so were just pushing through. my mom went to see a psychic who told her if she didn’t go to India she would die leaving me her only child, so she did she bought a ticket and left for a week then came back. Do you think this psychic was reliable ? personally I believe god has our paths made out for us and no one can predict it.

    • Kate

      Hi ya, gawd it breaks my heart to hear something like this. Psychics have to be so responsible for what they say. Its so upsetting to hear what your mother was told. Im so sorry to hear about your father. No, I dont think the psychic was reliable. 🙁

  • John Kawyn


    Just got a call this past Saturday from my ex Fiance from 25 yrs ago and she told me she gets readings and told me to watch out for rr crossing it was fatal. Now i,m thinking about it..

    • Kate

      John, dont listen to that crap, this is her fear. The psychic should not be saying stuff like that. Its a huge power trip. Its not reinforcing clients power at all.

      • John Kawyn

        Kate Thanks for that quick response…..I know only one person that knows and its the big guy upstairs…. Thanks again…. 🙂

  • Susie Q

    I think if someone does happen to die when a psychic says they were going to, it’s because the person “bought into” the so-called prediction and their own mind made it happen simply because they believed it would, like the placebo effect. The mind is so powerful. I agree with Kate. Don’t listen to psychics or so-called psychics who are so un-compassionate and un-evolved to even say something like that without considering how it might ruin someone’s life. It’s better to use that power of your mind to decide what you want and then focus on creating THAT reality instead. I know several different people who were told by psychics that either they or a loved one would die at a certain time or at a certain age, and I’m happy to report that they are ALL STILL ALIVE MANY, MANY YEARS LATER!!!

    • Kate

      Yay Susie Q!!!! YES!!!! They are unevolved to think they can even say something like that to a client. I went to see a psychic about 20 years ago and one of the first things he said to me was what age I was going to die, and I was on the backfoot from the very first minute. No asking me if I wanted to know. Then telling me what age my partner would die. How egotistical is that????

  • Terri

    Hi Kate, I literally looked this up and I feel so relieved to have stumbled upon your page! I think this article is so helpful. Last night I just had a reading and the woman basically said that there were bad spirits around me and it could hurt me (death?) I’m assuming and they needed $800 to do a cleansing. At first I was mortified and afraid! I am still kind of am shaken up but I called up a couple of friends who are just awesome spiritual beings who told me they never get those vibes from me and they know my energy very well. Of course, they said it was baloney! They also said that I am safe and I am loved! That is very powerful!! Love conquers all and there is no place in my heart for that kind of talk…I am just feeling so angry that I ever purchased that reading. I believe they took advantage of my anxieties and fears.

    • Kate

      Hi Terri, Im sorry you had to go through that. Im glad you realise what you were told is a bunch of crap, and NOT the way to go about a reading for someone else. Im glad you saw the truth. A reading should be empowering. And yes, Love conquers all. The light is always stronger than the darkness. And you are safe and loved. You got this!!!! That person is no different than just a story teller making up stories. See how many comments I get on this thread. There’s alot of scam readers out there.

  • Angela

    I own an antique shop & a man & woman came in wanting to sell stuff just the other day. Somehow the subject of dying came up. He asked if I am afraid of dying & I said no. He said would you like to know when you`ll die? Thinking the moron was kidding I said sure shoot. He said “You`ll die in 12 years, in your sleep at 2:45 AM & you`ll be alone.” WTH? His wife chimed in & said he is very good at this. Then he asked how long have I been in business & I told him “You`re the psychic … YOU SHOULD KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION.” He said I hope you`re not offended but I speak the .

    • Kate

      God I hate it lol Why are some psychics so adamant in telling you when they think you are going to die. its such an ego trip for them. Sorry you went through that. Ignore it.

  • Tramatized

    I had a you tube psychic by the name of lousina Ku tell mi would be dead in a year, her just Mel tarot and eat pray love (sal) I havbeen suicidal every since..I got addicted to the readings anbegan cross watching..so they purposly screwed up the readings and are still taunting me! How can I stop them from doing monthly readings on me..sunnie shadows as well and can I sue for emotional damaged

    • Kate

      Hi there, I dont live in a country who sues.
      Can you not watch? If you dont go to youtube and watch then you wont see? Please reconnect with your own heart and life and not what other people say. There are alot of misguided people out there. Could you contact crisis support in your country?

  • Alex

    Hey, I know this is old, but this really helped me, as I had a guy about a year ago on Facebook, who told me I was going to die when I’m 28, which is still several years away, but I’m terrified of it. I don’t think about it most of the time, but I still do from time-to-time. I’m feeling very traumatised over it, and I’m just so terrified so this article has really helped me a lot. Thank you.

    • Kate

      Im glad it helped Alex, hope you read all the comments too, seems there’s alot of scam artists out there.

  • Nani

    I was told by a man I briefly knew that I was going to die at 39. I was 34 when he told me and I am now 37 and think about it all the time. He wasn’t a physic. He claimed that he had this curse where he knew when people would die. He didn’t really get deep into his “curse” until one night of drinking and he saw my hand as we were at the store. I noticed his face turn pale and when I questioned him he brushed it off. I kept questioning him the entire night until he told me I was going to die at 39. I obviously started freaking out and he said he is 90% accurate. And cried to me saying he even knew his son would die before him. Claimed he was the reaper and saw death. I have a 7 month old baby as a single mom. I can’t leave her. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Kate

      Hi Nani, please read all my comments on this thread. Ive explained to other people about what I think. Its really a load of crap, dont give other people any power by believing this garbage. He has elevated himself to a status thats very egotistical.

  • Julie

    Hi Kate

    A psychic told me that I’d live a long and successful life and then immediately says I’ll die at the age of 87. I really didn’t want a deadline of when I’d be going and it was so offputting.

    • Kate

      Im sorry you had this experience Julie. Its like psychics tell you other things you want to hear and then boom, they land you with that piece of ego tripping. And you get confused because some of the reading you want to be true, so why isnt it all true? But its not. Spirit would never give information like this.

  • Terry

    Exactly the same happened to me! She said I would have a wonderful life and die in my late eighties before my husband. I’m nearly 60 now and I can’t stop thinking about it as I’ve seen her before and she was very accurate about other things. Apparently my dead mother’s spirit actually told her this which has upset me as surely she wouldn’t want me to worry about that. I really didn’t want to know exactly when it would happen, just saying very old would have been good! I said I was worried now and she said don’t be silly.

    • Kate

      Thats the problem, they tell you things that end up being correct so you think they are correct about everything. But they’re not. Its not the type of thing Spirit passes on to us anyway. So its coming from their ego.

      • Sunny

        Thank you for this. One of my best friend’s recently had a reading using oracle cards where the reader told her what age she will (or won’t) die at and it’s about 8 years from now. She’s fallen into a depression over this reading and I just wanna smack whoever gave her this reading. I’m gonna show her this post and hopefully she’ll see she has nothing to worry about

        • Kate

          Sunny as you can see from the comments this is one of my most popular posts, sadly. Yea, i wanna smack them too, its an awful thing to happen. Its totally coming from the psychics ego.

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