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I ain’t no Melinda Gordon.

I love Ghost Whisperer and Medium, the TV shows. It’s brought Mediumship into the mainstream and demystified alot about what a Medium can do. It’s brought Spiritualism out of the early 1900s with images of ectoplasm gushing forth out of a Trance Mediums mouth into the modern age.




I ain’t no Melinda Gordon.


I don’t carry on wonderfully clear conversations with someone who has passed over or is earthbound like I’m talking to a friend in the room or someone on the end of a phone line.


Not so simple.


Spirit communicates via an energetic vibration. I feel like its a chunk of energy like a wave, comes in then leaves, comes in then leaves. And I have to interpret the energy via my senses.


Sometimes if the person who has passed on is a talker, I will hear them talking, or they give me a feeling, or an image.


I learned a long time ago that I just have to pass on the impressions I get and try not to interpret them.


First and foremost Mediumship is to prove evidence of survival of Spirit.


The number one question most people want to know is if their loved one’s ok. I don’t think Melinda Gordon has helped people in that respect trust that their loved ones are OK, having had to cross over so many spirits on her show.


I believe if you have the hit to have a mediumship reading then your loved one is guiding you in that direction too.


It takes alot of energy for Spirit to lower their vibration to come through, and for the Medium to raise their vibration to talk to Spirit. So that shows you how much your loved ones want to communicate with you.


And yes, they can hear you when you talk to them, its not like they have to be in the same room to hear you, but they know what’s going on in your life.


Most Mediums I know practice Mental Mediumship. Where Spirit connects with them telepathically, rather than taking over their whole body to deliver a message. Its only on rare occasions that I will sense a Spirit around me. I learned a long time ago not to have Spirit hanging out in my house because it can feel like Grand Central Station and mess around with my energy.


Blow waking up like Melinda to spirits hanging out in her house. I do get interference with my electricals though, especially my laptop when I’m doing mediumship readings online. I have to tell Spirit to back their energy off a bit.


Alot of sensitive people experience spirit more like Alison DuBois in Medium. Dreaming of spirit. I have that too but mostly from people who have passed over that I know.


I’ve only once seen a Spirit in broad daylight. Like he was flesh, he was dressed in Victorian dress, and I had asked to see Spirit. I also had to have one of my houses cleansed by some Ghostbusters because I had noises at night wooshing around my bedroom, sounding like fingernails on the blackboard. That was pretty scary and from that point on I knew not to dabble in the spirit world, but have a very healthy respect.


Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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