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Distance in relationships

How Creating Distance Can Get Your Ex Back!

One of the main reasons women in particular contact psychics about relationships is because distance in a relationship creates anxiety.


It’s not so easy to quell that anxiety after you’ve just been broken up with. In those initial days after a relationship break up you run the gamut of emotions. Shock, denial, anger, sadness, emptiness, loss.


At an emotional level it’s really easy to understand why you’re feeling that way, but at a spiritual level you’re still energetically connected very strongly with your ex. Those energetic connections we form with everyone we come in contact with, or even think about. But if you’re in an intimate relationship with someone that energy is very strong.


So here’s a list of what not to do:

Don’t be stalking him.
Don’t visit him.
Don’t send him a barrage of emails and texts.
Don’t contact him, despite the fact your whole body is screaming out for him.


That’s a no-no.


If you can try and refrain from spending all your time obsessing about him, talking to all your girlfriends about him, and ringing psychics about him. I know that’s hard initially but its an ideal. Work up to it.




Get out of his psychic energy.


And here’s the key why.


You want him to miss you.


You want him to notice a change in energy without you. If you’re in his psychic space he’s not going to miss you. By psychic space I mean that every thought emotion and feeling you have while still being very energetically connected to him, is going to have some sort of impact on his energy.


So even though it feels counterintuitive to what you want to do.


Don’t whatever you do contact him.


So that initial week or two after the breakup you want him to miss you.


9 times out of 10 he will contact you.


This of course all hinges on whether he’s worth getting back. If he’s a drop kick thank your lucky stars hes out of your life and keep on walking.

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  • elizabeth

    oh, I tried that, and I got my life back. Realised that I really did not wish to have that person around anymore.

    I don’t think that he was a drop-kick but I saw that he wasn’t doing me any good. In a space of a week he went from trying to be like a knight in shining armour to just a teenager wrapped in tin-foil charging on a rocking horse. And yes I wanted to stay in the energy for a long time prior to that. Once I cut the energy it took 12 hours and he was on the phone….

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