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Is Unresolved Witch Trial Energy Getting In The Way Of Building Your doTERRA Business?


Every 2 weeks Nicky and I get together on zoom and we use doTERRA essential oils while we talk about what has been happening in our lives. We are both Essential Emotion Coaches so we know that smelling the oils shifts energy and creates new neural pathways. I started to smell Melissa oil and then Arise oil.


Recently I have decided to start building in doTERRA and part of the journey with doTERRA is that you work through blocks to grow your business. doTERRA call themselves a personal growth company wrapped up in essential oils.


I said to Nicky that I still had blocks about putting myself out there about the oils. I was fine to post photos of oils and images on social media that had been created by other people, but I was finding it hard to actually talk about oils on camera. I felt as if it was yucky salesy stuff.


Nicky told me she had heard someone say that talking about oils is creating a sacred space for people to invest in themselves. I really loved that. It felt like divine energy.


False Idols

I explained to Nicky that one of my issues is that I make the oils my idol. I love them so much. I love how each bottle contains oils that are from different parts of the world, where the plants thrive the best, how they are so magical, I call them God in a bottle. But by making them my God, I am not connected to the God inside myself.


I told her how with my healing services on my website, I don’t make them into God, I don’t make them “special” like the oils, and I do really well in my business selling my services. I don’t feel “salesy”.


She said to me “It’s not about the oils, it’s about what they do for you”.


Not Trusting

I said I didn’t trust what they did for me (even though I’ve had, and witnessed a ton of healings with them on many levels; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.)


Why am I not trusting them? And why don’t I trust that the healings I do are working, even though I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of testimonials over the years.


Was I wanting to be so humble to the point I don’t own anything? Not in my ego to the point of totally disowning what I do? Was this a confidence issue. Feeling like a fraud, perhaps?


Why was I being so sneaky? Like you can’t corner me. You can’t track me. You can’t get me. I can’t be locked into a belief about successful healings and effective oils.


I can put myself out there with my healings, but I’m generally quite invisible.


When people ask me what I do, I say what I do in a way that shuts down the conversation. I steer the conversation away from what I do. Even though what I do is my a huge part of world.


I always say being a healer isn’t something I do, its who I am.


I’m being cagey.


You’re not going to catch me on camera with an essential oil.


If you saw me with oils then I won’t be able to deny it.


Then it hit me.


It’s the witch trial energy.


Unresolved Witch Trial Energy

So many healers are being called to clear out the witch trial energies in order to step up at this time.


To not play small, to not stay invisible, to be seen. To not fear community. To not fear their peers. To have a voice. To feel accepted and included.


I remember in the late 90s when I was doing a mediumship course online from the UK, we weren’t allowed to use tarot cards or a crystal ball to bring through messages, because of the law that still remained that you could be arrested for using tools for divination.


Wikipedia says “The Witchcraft Act 1735 remained in force in Britain well into the 20th century, until its eventual repeal with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951. The Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.”


It takes time for that fear to settle down through the generations. It just becomes a way of life to play small and try not to be seen.


It’s not just past life energy, it’s also ancestral energy as well.


It’s a big part of keeping women, healers, herbalists, shamans, intuitives small.


Spiritual Connection Heals

What I love about the oils is they connect me to Spirit. For me it’s really important for people to know that it’s Spirit that is the healing force in life. I don’t mean like disembodied spirits, but it’s the energy of God (Universe, Allah, etc) that heals.


For me posting about the healing power of nature was safe, if I just made it about a tree or a plant, a herb, then we all know nature is healing, if I made it about the oils then I was safe. It is about nature, but if it was about the energy in nature, I didn’t want to appear flaky.


In the 8 years I have been using doTERRA essential oils I have always used them  for emotional healing. Emotional healing and spiritual healing have always driven me, I wasn’t so big into their physical healing, even though I have used the oils for that, and had success, that isn’t my motivation.


I’m probably Pagan at heart, I love nature, I make nature my God, but I’m seeing through doing A Course In Miracles this year, that nature, even though it’s so glorious and mesmerising, is not God. We project God onto Nature. God created Nature. But Nature connects you with the God in yourself.


I felt after going through this process, with the wisdom of Melissa, the Oil of Light, I could finally own my inner connection to God, to Nature and to the oils (which I love lol).







Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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