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One Core Value You Might Have That Is Sabotaging Your Success

Inner Conflict

At the beginning of the year I did a healing course via the phone with an amazing Sufi healer Dr Ibrahim Jaffe. On the call we all got to work with him and going through the process I had two images that were conflicted that I was to heal, which he said would have been contributing to my various skin conditions and also other anxieties I had.


The two images were a leper in a black cave, and an image of Hollywood.


For months now I have had aspects of these images come to me and what they might mean, and the feelings to go along with each image.


The feelings were very much about my relationship with society and my feelings of isolation and socialness.


I certainly could relate to feeling like a leper, especially having eczema on my face, and I felt quite anquished at not being able to dye my hair because of it. I didn’t look like I wanted to look.


I’ve always like movies and tv shows. And I’ve always been interested in celebrity culture. Ever since I was small I loved watching the old movies and reading about the stars and their amazing lives.


What Is Success?
Celebrities and movie stars are what our western culture values as successful. And to be successful you are supposed to work your way to the top. You’re meant to better yourself, get yourself further up the ladder. We also have a value about what isn’t successful. Where you live, what you do for a job. They are all in a class with a value attached.


And the leper is at the bottom.


Then I realised that the celebrity in Hollywood and the leper were the same thing.



Celebrities work their way to the top, only to find they have to separate themselves, protect themselves from the general population. They can’t mingle.


They are untouchable like the leper.


I think with social media now there is an aspect of celebrity which allows us to touch the famous, who were way less accessible in days gone by. Much like royalty.


I also find it interesting to see who in social media, who has *success*, responds to individual people on places like facebook.


But they are still set apart, like the leper. They have different status, like the leper, than the rest of the population. How we treat them is different too.


Our skin is how we touch and are touched, and at either end of class system we are untouchable.


We just valued one class more than the other.


The People
Prince Harry came to Christchurch yesterday, he went on a meet and greet on the streets, so the people could *touch* him. And he was charismatic and friendly and down to earth. Surrounded by his body guards.


We see Diana in Harry, the way he connects with the people. She was the people’s princess.


Founding Fathers And Old Patriarchy
The European settlers who thrived here in NZ were the working class. The upper class weren’t able to build houses because they couldn’t hire the builders, who were the ones doing well. They couldn’t recreate their lifestyle. The first sons who inherited the family land stayed back in Europe.I think NZ, like the other colonies, (US, Canada etc) has a more relaxed energy, a melting pot, less class structure.

Hollywood is the old Royalty though. A way we make other people more important than the masses.


So my point.


Working our way to the top, to be and have what society says is successful, so we aren’t a loser, but we are a winner, is an illusion.


We have been taught this is what we should strive for, get A’s in class, aim for the top and be the best.


Success is to be better than everyone else. To have something no one else has. To be superior. To be elite. And then we can corner a market, shine, get what we need to thrive.


Being at the top is what we have been taught is where we won’t feel rejected, where we will be praised and loved. Or think we will be the most popular and immune to struggle and to the hardships of life.



But where is our heart in this?


Our hearts long for connection. We are mammals and thrive in community. We all want and need to feel included.


Spatially what if we were to aim outwards instead of upwards?


What if we could succeed alongside everyone else? With everyone else. Not making ourselves better or less than, but equal.


What if what we have to offer can still be successful alongside everyone else, even if someone else is doing or offering the same thing?


What if we can be seen, be valued, be heard, amongst everyone else?


What if we are successful just for being ourselves?

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  • elfipetLefi

    I love the idea of Connection…you are so right to value this need so highly, Kate. I believe it’s what’s beginning to fall apart both in our society and in smaller communities – that sense of connection. We all need it, we all crave it, but although it’s increasingly easier to stay ‘connected’ electronically, this doesn’t necessarily translate to the bonds people share when they spend time together, pursuing similar values, goals, dreams and passions. The emotional, spiritual and physical support people share with one another can’t always be found in a tweet or a facebook comment. Years ago Churches filled this need, but we are losing our faith: Churches are no longer the glue binding communities together. I see the importance of feeling connected and being valued, and the quality it brings to people’s lives almost everyday – I work in Aged Care as a Personal Carer.My clients enrich my life as much as I help enhance theirs. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, but one of the lowest paid jobs in Australia. We value sportspeople far more than our carers, nurses, teachers and welfare workers. We all have something valuable to offer, it’s just that the Economists, business people and Government place a higher dollar value on certain occupations. This doesn’t make low income earning individuals less valuable. Maybe it’s time to rethink our values.

    • Kate

      Hi there,(I just realised who you are lol) yes, you are so right, here in NZ we value sports people as well above all else. I mean the All Blacks are legends here. But its as if we’ve learned that you have to be special in some x factor way in order to have value.
      I may have to beg to differ re online connections. I find its just as meaningful, but then I suppose Ive always wanted to connect with the people behind the comment, not just the comment. I see them as real people.
      I find connection in the invisible as well, which is probably how I feel about the internet.

      • elfipetLefi

        I understand your feeling of connectedness with online contacts, as I’m sure do billions of internet users out there, and I agree there’s definitely a huge role for the internet in connecting people, absolutely! The point I wanted to make was that the internet can not completely replace quality time spent face to face with people. As for the invisible, I’m with you there – our spiritual , psychic & emotional connections are incredibly important!

        • Kate

          Yes so true about the internet. We need touch. Afterall Im healing skin issues which is about contact issues. Lots of wounds around contact, separation and abandonment and loss.

  • Lily Lau

    Couldn’t agree more with you, Kate 🙂 I always feel that need to be included, all connected…!

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