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One Reason Why You May Have Been Born An Empath

I recently have had two profound healings. The first was a few weeks ago, it was a past life regression with Jay Linden. I have had a few of them now but this regression I went into a perpetrator lifetime.


Past Lives


Often when we clear perpetrator lifetimes we can have profound shifts and awareness’s of our soul lessons. When the past lifetimes come into your dreams or into your consciousness they are ready to be cleared and released.


Perpetrator Life

In that lifetime I was a Priest who ended up being damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I was ordered by the State to start targeting parishioners and accuse them of all sorts of things, ranging from witchcraft to theft, in order to confiscate their property and money. So my parishioners feared me, the State controlled me, and I felt in that lifetime that God would punish me if I did these things. (I had that God fearing view about God) But if I didn’t do as they commanded then I would be imprisoned and probably killed. So I did the deeds and lived in fear from all angles.


On my deathbed I still plead that I was a victim in it all and had no other choice. I wasn’t going to sacrifice my life on principle even if I felt saying No to them was the right course of action.


Meta Kinetics

Yesterday I had a Meta Kinetics session with Vera Novak. As we worked through the findings that were presenting in my body/energy system, Vera worked out that I was resisting owning blame. That I was attracting situations into my life where I had to fight to say I was right, I felt that I was always being blamed for doing something wrong. As an empath it’s very easy to feel as if its all your fault or all the energy is your responsibility to fix. So I felt resistant and had a wall up to other people’s pain. I didn’t want to be bombarded more than I was.



The flip side of that coin is Codependency, where you feel the pain and try to do something about it by fixing the person you are connected with. Focusing outside of yourself. Rescuing people so that you can manage everything you’re feeling, and try to keep the pain from overwhelming you. That’s so tiring and exhausting and an addiction in itself.


Spiritual Lesson

The Spiritual lesson I realised after allowing myself to feel all the blame for all the wrongs in my life, and then for the whole world’s wrongs, that the Priest wouldn’t own, so he could then move on and find self forgiveness, and God’s forgiveness, was that I didn’t want to be a Martyr. The Priest didn’t want to sacrifice himself – like Jesus – but by not doing so, he was stuck having to keep pushing away what he didn’t want to feel. And what you resist persists.


Lifting the burdens

So coming into this life as an Empath was a way to heal that lifetime where I didn’t want to own my choice. Vera got me to cast the burden, have my Spiritual team lift it off my shoulders, and I felt a huge release, restoring the Priest as well to a belief that God would lift the burdens.



The original meaning of the word Martyr means to witness. Witnessing is a big part of healing. I wasn’t able to allow certain energy to wash through me and to witness their healing. The energy got stuck in my energy system because I hadn’t been open to my Spiritual Purpose as an Empath, which is to take the blame. Not in a doormat/passive way, but as a way to let the energy wash through me without resistance.


Owning Your Shadow

To give up the resistance and allow yourself to own your Shadow side is freeing, and was the key to not feeling a victim of being an Empath, but to see the Spiritual lesson as to how I can witness healing and not feel stuck with all the pain.


What energy are you resisting?

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  • Karen J

    Greetings, Kate ~
    I’m confused by something you said: “Vera got me to caste the burden…”
    What do you mean by the word “caste” here? Is it an unfamiliar use of the term or a typo?


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