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Do You Have Part Of Your Soul Stuck In A Past Life?

A big part of my healing has been to heal the ancestral energy that is impacting me today, and even though I do past life healings for others, they haven’t really presented themselves to me in the same way as the ancestral energy has.



Something I have found for myself, and my clients, is that most, if not all of us, have been impacted by the energy of War, from last century. My Great Uncle fought in WW1 and never returned, and this energetic legacy I felt was still alive in my family’s energy field.

When I was writing my Ancestral Healing Course my Great Uncle’s energy was very much around and needing healing. But still the feeling of War energy persisted. I had come to learn that its often the grandchildren and beyond, of the generation who went to war, who are able to heal this unresolved energy, because the children are still too close and are still affected.

My Grandparents lived through 2 world wars, my parents through 1.


Past Lives

It seems as if I am unpacking a lot of underlying traumas around my belief that The World Is A Dangerous Place, and how that belief came about, through this life, past lives and ancestry. In the last few weeks I have had two spontaneous memories of being at war, one came in the day with all the feelings, and one came to me in a very vivid dream.


World War 1

The first past life came to me a day after I had a mediumship reading and resolved so many loose ends. I had to pass on a message to someone, and the very next day she had a baby she named Anzac. I was transfixed by that name because Anzac is also the abbreviation for the Australian and NZ troops.

That day I had a spontaneous memory, it was a scene where I was a soldier in a boat, then landing on a beach, and encountering a steep bank and being shot instantly from above. I felt intuitively as if I was at Gallipoli, even though I knew nothing about that battle. I read about it online and sure enough, it happened exactly as I saw it.

There were quite a few learnings I got from that life, amongst them was that I knew that we had drifted down the beach because of the tide, and we were in the wrong spot to land, but I had to follow orders, and go against my intuition, and also that I was really angry at God.

We can have Soul Fragments that are stuck in past lives, that never crossed over, either because of fear of God, shame, or other beliefs. So I crossed this soldier over with a technique I use, and instantly felt the peace.



Another past life I had this week was in a dream. I saw myself as a soldier crawling in the jungle and I instantly knew it was Vietnam. In the night I woke up and thought the timeline must be wrong, I must have been already born in this life, maybe it was a parallel life, but when I woke up I realised that the timeline was right.

What transpired is he was killed in action, but he carried the shame of being in a generation who protested the war, and so he felt a lot of shame, which I think is why so many Vietnam vets haven’t been able to heal, there wasn’t the same sense of pride in returning from war, like there was in the 1st and 2nd world wars.

So I told him he had been honourably discharged and thanked him for his service and that he could be proud to have served as a soldier, and crossed him over.


Owning Your Anger

I was born in the 60s, which was about Peace and Love, but, we have to own all parts of ourselves, because there will be energies from that soldier’s life, that I will need in this life. Namely, owning my aggressive side, because locked in the basement and being told anger is wrong, causes illness and dysfunction.


Soul In Time And Space

Something I have come to find in my healing is that when your past lives collide with your ancestry you can have an amplification of certain issues. And those issues may be an indication that something in your past life isn’t resolved. Often it can be easier to validate your ancestral history than your past life history.

Our Soul is multi-faceted and we can leave parts of our Soul behind in past lives. Other people can carry parts of our Soul as well, say after an end of a relationship, where we have given our heart and soul to someone else, and we can also carry parts of other people’s soul in ours. Not just this lifetime, but other lifetimes as well. These issues can be addressed in my Soul Healing session.


Do You Intuitively Feel That A Part Of Your Soul is Stuck Some Place Else in Time and Space?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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