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Owning My Inner Cinderella – A Story of Self Worth

All my life I have felt like Cinderella.


Fairy Tales

The first half of my life I was probably wanting Prince Charming to rescue me from my low self esteem. So I ended up in co-dependent relationships.


I even have two sisters, and for the past 3 years have had two women living in my house, one after the other, named Anastasia, which isn’t a common name. Cinderella’s sister was named Anastasia.


We were fed a lot of fairy tales as young girls and there was always a happy ending.


When Prince Charming didn’t work out I realised how much there was a background hum in my life of feeling like I was a second class citizen.


I felt like Vincent in the TV show, Beauty and the Beast, living underground and only coming out when no one could really see me.


I didn’t feel worthy.


Inner Child

Recently I was working on my PTSD from the quakes with a wonderful healer, Stacey, using The Body Code by Dr Brad Nelson.


The energy of Cinderella came up in the session and we worked on it. When I was 8 and in hospital I felt like damaged goods, I ended up with scars on my legs and felt like I was never ever going to be cool or popular or acceptable.


Then we jumped to when I was 16 and going to the school ball. I had my Prince Charming but I still felt like Cinderella inside. I could never make that transition to feeling like a Princess.


That I was worthy of being in this world and had value.


Self Worth

So I rejected myself. Before others could reject me. It was easier to hide or have less than, like Cinderella, and support everyone else and be their servant.


Releasing this trapped energy, and moving my inner Cinderella along to the ball, from self rejection to self acceptance, was the key.


It’s the chicken or the egg situation, is my worth based on how I was treated, or how I felt about myself is how other people treated me?


Being of Service

I was stuck in a track, going over and over the one part of the story of Cinderella, but hadn’t allowed Cinderella’s fairy godmother and the animals in, which were like her Spirit helpers, allowing her to move towards becoming a Princess.


To own my Spiritual worth, glory, and a sense of value.


In healing my wounded inner child, I am worthy of being Princess Cinderella, to take my rightful place, and that working as a servant in service wasn’t about being a slave, but accepting myself as being just as worthy as everyone else, that I had something of value to offer the world.




I was equal to everyone else, not better than, not less than.


I had got off my knees sweeping the hearth for others; to living in the Castle, and valuing sweeping the hearth for myself.


Where are you feeling less than, and losing yourself?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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