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Reconnecting With The Earth 4 Years On

Today is the 4 year anniversary of the quake that did the most damage to my city of Christchurch. As I was sitting down this Sunday morning to reflect on what I would write an article about today, I realised this really was the only topic on my mind.



Its still very surreal that there was so much devastation in the city, with the loss of 185 lives. Even though it wasn’t the biggest quake, it was the one that did the most damage. And we endured 15,000 quakes over that period of about 3 years.


We have the odd quake now, but I don’t think about them on a daily basis anymore, but, I am still having to work through the frozenness in my body that still comes up in therapy.


What If

Remembering what happened still doesn’t convey the worst aspect of the quakes, which was the apprehension of what might come. Be it tidal wave, or another huge quake. What happened we endured, what we didnt know would happen was the torment. I feared the moons cycles, there were always more earthquakes around the new moon and full moon, we feared the king tides because our land had lowered and was affected by the moon. We feared the sun because of  the frequency of quakes when there were strong solar flares.


Disconnection From My Body


I feel I am only just starting to reclaim my connection to the Earth, I feared the Earth, and that fear kept me disconnected from my body. I couldn’t feel the support and strength of the Earth, I only had memories of the violence and destruction.


Something Ive come to notice along the way in healing the trauma around the quakes, is that the quakes were a trauma in themselves, but the old energy of the Earth releasing up my body, was also releasing my old energy. It really was a chance to release the old, a forced release, but I felt too much fear to really let go the old, to surrender, when I feared what might come.


The 10th chakra is about 18 inches below our feet in the Earth, and its also the chakra that connects us with our ancestors, as well as the 7th chakra. It’s interesting because I wrote my course about healing Ancestral energies in that time after the quakes, I was looking for some solidness and strength in that chakra.


I wonder how many people are having illnesses related to the quakes 4 years on. Not being able to fully reconnect with the Earth. Afterall our body is made up of the same elements as the Earth.



As I work through the trauma, I do see that the Earth was trying to heal me from my disconnection to the earth, it still was keeping in flow with my issues and blocks. It wasn’t separate from me.


It really helps to have people who have a deep connection to the Earth guide the way. Here is a beautiful post by Juliet Batten about the anniversary.




Are you embodying your connection to the Earth?

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  • Juliet

    Kate, you name the issues so beautifully and poignantly. Not to be able to trust the earth any more; that is a tragic consequence. May you find trust and the flow of connection once more.

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